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Is Your Printing Secure and Confidential?

In 2019, businesses are processing more confidential communication than ever before. Between internal networks, cloud hosting, and video chat meetings, there’s an unfathomable amount of information passing between people and organizations. Despite the incredible amount of digital communication, businesses still print out an enormous amount of physical documentation. Many of these documents are supposed to be kept secure from prying eyes.

Unfortunately, there is too often a significant lag between when they’re sent to the printer and when the right staff member collects them. While most operating systems now offer the capacity to print securely, many people still neglect this essential step. Read below to learn about the benefits of secure printing and how Power PDF makes it simple for you to print securely.

How Secure Printing Works

Secure printing helps businesses by enforcing the chain of custody for printed documents. The way it works is by password-protecting the print process itself. Primarily, when you want to print a confidential document, you can use secure printing to send it to the printer. When you do, the document will not automatically print. Instead, it will wait until you arrive at the printer and enter a PIN or code that you have selected. Once you enter the code, your printer will begin printing only when you are physically standing there to collect the document.

This kind of printing can protect your business from theft, fraud, and unnecessary liability. Depending on the type of work you do, you may be dealing with people’s confidential medical or financial information. Alternatively, in educational institutes or a payroll department, if a document lands in the wrong hands, you may have morale or personnel issues as a result. Secure printing can avoid these problems, which evidently benefits your business. The only question is how to get your team on board to use this procedure.

How Power PDF Simplifies Secure Printing

As mentioned above, most operating systems today offer the secure printing feature, but it’s rarely in a conspicuous location. In fact, even your most veteran and security-conscious coworkers may not realize it’s an option. Power PDF can help your team become cognizant of the feature, though. In addition to converting PDFs, Power PDF presents users with many security features to protect documents. Secure printing is just one of those options, and instead of being buried within the system, the option is clear and easy to find. Indeed, you can use the same software for creating, editing, and converting PDFs immediately before printing them securely from the same program.

Taking Your Business Securely to the Future

Businesses will only handle more sensitive information in the future. For the time being, it appears that physical printing will also continue to be a core part of business and governmental operations. Therefore, companies need to apply proactive solutions to security questions before they become a problem. Programs such as Power PDF offer organizations the opportunity to combine many of their document services under one umbrella. Additionally, the program offers security features beyond secure printing, including password-protecting PDFs, redacting sensitive information, and directly sharing the documents with intended recipients.