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Is There an Easy Way to Permanently Flip a PDF File?

Editing PDF files is a frustrating and time-consuming task for many users, from the individual at home to the business team working on PDFs in volume. Often, these frustrations stem from a lack of adequate software tools to manipulate documents in the ways your work demands. While adding or editing text might seem easy enough, what do you need to do when you have more demanding tasks before you?

For example, you may have scanned several documents into the PDF format, but perhaps they were not in the correct orientation on the scanner bed. As a result, you have a document full of pages that don’t face in the right direction. Sometimes the orientation might even change from page to page. Is there any way to flip the PDF and its contents, so you don’t need to go back to the scanner and do the entire process all over again?

With the appropriate tools to allow you to edit a PDF, the answer is a confident “yes.” Through Kofax Power PDF, users can quickly and simply flip pages around until the document appears the way it was meant to from the start. Let’s take a quick look at how.

Four Steps to Flip Your PDF File

Whether you need to rotate and flip a single page in a PDF out of the correct alignment or change every page in the document, Power PDF lets you accomplish this task in only four steps. Follow this quick guide to make quick work of this task:

  1. Open the PDF you need to edit. Use the cursor to select the pages you need to flip.
  2. From the Document ribbon, view the Pages menu and then select Rotate Pages. Alternatively, right-click on the document to access a context menu where you can locate the rotate tools.
  3. If using the Rotate Pages dialog box, enter the angle of rotation that will orient your pages correctly. Define the correct page range if you did not select pages before.
  4. Click OK and save your rotated document.

Be careful to distinguish the PDF editing action called “rotate pages” and the different “rotate view” tool, which only produces a temporary change in appearance. To permanently flip the PDF pages to the correct orientation, always use the “rotate pages” function instead.

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Find the Functionality You Need Today with Power PDF

With a quick way to rotate PDF pages in seconds, managing scanned documents, and other files become faster and less frustrating. When you choose Power PDF, you can unlock this and an entire suite of advanced editing tools that let you take full advantage of the versatility of this format. Pay once and enjoy permanent access to these features without the need to subscribe just to make some quick edits. See how easy it is to use Power PDF and explore all its features today when you download a free 15-day trial.

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