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Kofax Accelerate 2022

2 Days, 1 Goal: Improve Agility and Resilience at Kofax Accelerate

Kofax Accelerate 2022

Break Away from the Pack at Accelerate 2022

The Premier Intelligent Automation Conference

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Disruption. It’s become the (unfortunate) word of the day and the bane of every organization’s existence. Civil unrest, supply chain issues, staffing shortages, pandemic complications, cyber attacks and regulatory changes are the most familiar disruptors of the last two years.

No one could have predicted what the business landscape would look like at this point in 2022, but one thing’s for sure – the only way to survive is to build agility and resilience into your business model.

But how can you do that? How can you help your organization work leaner and smarter? How can you ensure you break away from the pack and accelerate ahead of your competitors regardless of what disruption comes next?

At Kofax, we’ve been focused on the answers to these questions. The obvious solution is digital transformation and automation, and many have drawn this conclusion.

But true resiliency and agility requires organizations to embrace the latest innovations in digital workflow transformation and apply intelligent automation strategically to business processes and workflows. That’s the focus of this year’s Kofax Accelerate , our two-day virtual intelligent automation conference.

“The pandemic showed companies where they had weaknesses and demonstrated the importance of end-to-end automation through an intelligent platform,” Kathleen Delaney, Chief Marketing Officer at Kofax, says.

Business executives believe automation will separate the leaders from the laggards, with 90 percent believing automating business workflows post-Covid will ensure business continuity, according to the Kofax 2022 Intelligent Automation Benchmark Study. Additionally, 89 percent believe digitally transformed companies have a competitive advantage – and we couldn’t agree more.

At Kofax Accelerate, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from Kofax experts, thought leaders, customers and partners, so you can learn how to leverage intelligent automation and adapt quickly and efficiently to changing customer demands, regulations and market conditions. Breakout sessions will allow you to ask specific questions and get expert advice on the unique challenges your organization is experiencing. Get targeted answers from real experts.

In just two days, you’ll be well-armed for whatever the future holds. In our jam-packed virtual sessions, you’ll:

  • Gain a glimpse into the future of intelligent automation
  • Discover new use cases to extend and expand your intelligent automation possibilities
  • See innovation in action with demos of the latest technologies
  • Get inspired and inspire others by what you’ve achieved with intelligent automation
  • Ask experts, thought leaders and peers your pressing questions
  • Get empowered with best practices you can share and apply to your processes and workflows

“Kofax Accelerate is an opportunity for our customers and prospects to learn how they can leverage intelligent automation to optimize workflows, improve productivity, create a better customer and employee experience, and reduce costs,” Delaney says. “With the right investments and technology in place, organizations can make the right decisions to pivot quickly in today’s ever-changing world. And that’s the key to long-term resiliency and agility.”

Do you want to build organizational resilience and out-maneuver the competition? Or do you want to get left in the dust?

It's been a long two years since the pandemic first surfaced, but the countdown is on to the two days that will help you push past the pack and win with intelligent automation. Don’t get left behind.

On your mark . . . get set . . . go!

Register for Accelerate today.

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Kofax Accelerate 2022

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