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How to Use Kofax Power PDF to Increase Productivity and Save Money in Human Resources

A big issue in most HR departments is the massive pile of paperwork that seems to build up out of nowhere. As you probably already know, digitizing paperwork to PDF forms can be a lifesaver for everyone, whether you’re an HR professional or a candidate.

Kofax Power PDF is a great asset to have in your human resource department. It can help you simplify your HR process by digitizing forms like job applications, employee surveys, and time off request forms. Administrative tasks can also be simplified, so they can be completed online or via email, allowing for more flexibility and mobility. And employees are enabled to be more efficient with their time, even when working remotely.

By using Power PDF in your HR department, you can:

Store Files Easily

PDFs are easier to manage, store, and update than paper files or even other digital file types like Word or Excel. Having a digital template of forms and contracts on file lets you easily make changes and adjust to changing policies.

Save Time

Another huge benefit of going digital is the time saved from manual data entry. Time is valuable in business, and you don’t want to waste it with tedious re-typing and filing. With PDFs you can instantly extract relevant information onto your computer. This makes data more accessible and eliminates human error.

Create HR Forms Easily

Designing your HR forms on a digital platform will save your company time, money, and ultimately labor costs. Need some ideas on how to set up your HR Forms? Check out this article to see some examples for Human Resources Form Templates to get you started, or even easily start from scratch in Power PDF. Create professional and easy to use forms, contracts, surveys, and more using Power PDF’s robust form filling tools like automatic form field recognition and OCR. You can password-protect your document or redact certain sections as well as to ensure the document remains secure. Your candidates, employees, and budget will thank you.

Fill HR Forms Easily

Power PDF’s powerful features allow employees and employers to collaborate and communicate more efficiently, with the ability to digitally annotate, edit, and sign PDF forms, even on-the-go from a mobile device. With easy to use digital e-signatures and security tools like password protection to ensure confidential information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, Power PDF has candidates and employees covered. Plus, you can easily convert PDFs to or from other file types to make the process even easier.

Extract Form Data into ERP/CRM

With Power PDF you can easily extract the data inside single and even multiple filled forms at once and create a CSV or XML file, which you then can upload into your ERP/CRM system. This reduces the burden of manually entering data and also minimizes the risk of human errors.


When your HR department is spending less time on administrative tasks, they can spend more time doing their primary job, which is recruiting, training, and taking care of employees. A functional human resource team is the key to a successful business strategy, and through a PDF tool like Power PDF, human resource management can be made much more efficient and user friendly.

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