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How to Streamline Departmental and Administrative Reporting

The flow of information through an office is one of the most fundamental contributors to the success of an organization—especially in government. As lower-level workers carry out their duties and accumulate data, they must generate effective progress reports. Teams should gauge the effectiveness of their work and inform upper management on their progress to remain on track to meet large-scale milestones and other goals. Crucial to the success of these processes are the reports that departments and administrators produce.

Unfortunately, the reporting process is rife with challenges and bottlenecks that result in halting progress on critical work. How can your teams pick up the pace and work smarter? One answer is choosing PDF editor software that is better suited for the job: Kofax Power PDF.

Common Reporting Difficulties Governments Face

The software that you select plays a key role in addressing some of the most common challenges that slow down administrative reporting efforts. These challenges include:

  • Information split across different systems with no easy way for colleagues to collaborate.
  • Data contained in various formats. An effective report may need to, for example, combine information from written reports, inter-office correspondence, and spreadsheets. All this data may be in different file formats.
  • Presentation challenges. Professionalism and cohesive design are necessary for making reports that are useful for more than the rote reporting of information. Placing information in a pleasing and easy-to-absorb format is essential.

Using a PDF Creator to Produce Better Reports

How can a government agency address these challenges? Adopting a powerful and cost-effective solution is the answer. Built for business and especially suitable for government use, Power PDF capably addresses all the above challenges. Here’s how:

  • Power PDF supports real-time document collaboration and integration with Microsoft SharePoint for easy version control and teamwork, even across long distances.
  • Rapid conversion capabilities mean taking only a few clicks to convert from Word to PDF to access all the information that you need to produce a robust report.
  • All the benefits of the PDF format enhance document design and presentation. With features that are on par with other industry brands such as Adobe, Power PDF puts top PDF tools in the hands of your staff while remaining easy to purchase and learn.

Explore Licensing Power PDF for Government Today

We’ve designed Power PDF to be the ideal fit for deployment in small businesses, major enterprise operations, and government offices—and it is affordable to license Power PDF even on restrictive administrative budgets. The only subscription is an optional support contract: licensing the software requires only a one-time fee.

With extensive volume discounts available for large site licenses, Kofax is adept at supporting the unique needs of government users and the enterprise market. Contact us today to arrange a free trial or discuss how Power PDF is the ideal tool for your department's administrative reporting.

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