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How to Merge Pages in PDF Files

Working with PDFs typically requires a blend of software solutions, especially when you must convert documents into other formats for editing and making changes. In the middle of a project, you may find yourself with numerous PDFs that all contain information you need to present coherently. What do you need to do to put that data into a single PDF file so you can manipulate it as necessary to create a professional report, brochure, or other presentation? With Kofax Power PDF, the process is easy. Let's look at when merging documents is the appropriate workflow to follow and how to accomplish what you have in mind.

When Merging is the Right Idea

Sometimes, you should opt to merge PDFs for the sake of speed and convenience. For example, if you need all but one or two pages from a few different PDFs, merge them all at once and simply delete the unnecessary pages from the document. However, what if you have half a dozen PDFs and you only need one or two pages from each? Save time and frustration by using software such as Power PDF Advanced that makes quick work of this process.

How to Quickly and Easily Merge Pages from Multiple Files

Built for business, Power PDF features a familiar design that makes it very easy to locate the right tools for selecting pages for a merge job. Users will find the necessary tool to edit PDF files right on the home page. The sequence is simple:

  • Open the Document Assembly pane from the Home tab, which shows a page summary of the current PDF.
  • Select "Page Assembly" and begin opening the additional PDF files you wish to pull pages from. These will appear in a new window.
  • Select the pages you wish to merge into the existing PDF and select OK or use the drag and drop functionality to place the pages where they should go. It's easy to assemble the document in the order you desire with this feature.
  • Close the Page Assembly and Document Assembly windows.

That's all it takes to merge individual pages in Power PDF.

Use Batch Processing to Speed Up Large Jobs

What if you need to extract the same page from multiple PDFs? It is possible to set up a custom batch job in Power PDF to rapidly extract the desired pages before merging them into a final PDF. With the powerful built-in job editor, savvy users have the opportunity to save even more time when processing large volumes of information.

Making Merging Easier with Power PDF

Power PDF puts this important functionality front and center, so there are never unnecessary delays in important document creation workflows. Combined with simple licensing that makes good sense for individuals and businesses, plus enterprise support options, Power PDF can play an essential daily role as your core PDF editor. Explore the solution that makes the most sense for your business and experience these features firsthand when you sign up for a free 15 day trial today.

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