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How to Insert Text in a PDF File Using a PDF Editor

PDFs are familiar and popular file formats that various organizations use because of their portability. Software such as Kofax Power PDF eliminates printing lengthy documents to obtain a few signatures and scan each page in digital format. Companies need to be efficient, and following this outdated process will negatively affect employees’ production rates.

In a generation that expects things here and now, you require a PDF editor that allows you to review, edit, sign, and markup documents almost instantaneously. By using Power PDF, you can be confident in meeting these requirements while securely sharing information through PDF files.

The design of Power PDF certainly helps as employees can quickly adapt to its interface. Microsoft users will be familiar with the MS Office-type appearance, making it easier for people to use.

Step-by-Step Guide to Inserting Text in a PDF File

Apart from having access to the PDF reader, you need a quality PDF editor to make the necessary changes to a document. Follow these steps when you’re ready to insert text into a document.

  1. From the Home tab with an opened PDF file, move your cursor to the Edit tab. Click on the Typewriter icon.
  2. With the Typewriter Format tab opened, move the cursor to the location on the page you’d like to add the text. On the top-left, you can modify the appearance of the text’s font and size.
  3. The last step is pretty simple where you type the text you want.

Editing existing text follows a similar process.

  1. For example, when you’ve entered the incorrect text, you can change it by selecting the Edit tab in Power PDF.
  2. Click the Edit Text button to highlight all the text boxes. Place the mouse in the section that you’d like to change and edit away.

PDF editing can make life easier, especially when you need to change specific parts of a lengthy document. Instead of retyping the whole file, you can scan the document into Power PDF and use the edit function to target the words you need to change.

Power PDF is award-winning software available at a fraction of the cost of Adobe Acrobat. As the official alternative that more than 10 million users trust worldwide, you won’t go wrong in introducing Power PDF to your business. The functionality is advanced, allowing your operation to be more efficient with handling paperwork.

We have received notable nods of appreciation from Trust Radius in 2022 as Top Rated, Best Relationship, Best Value for Price, and Best Feature Set. Also, Power PDF is one of the Top 50 office software products according to the Best Software Awards 2022.

However, don’t simply take our word for it. Experience everything that Power PDF has to offer the world of business by taking advantage of our 15-day trial. Furthermore, if you’re unhappy with our product, Kofax offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on individual license products.

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