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Implementing Intelligent Automation With Kofax TotalAgility

Today's most successful automation projects have grown beyond simple robotic process automation basics. Though RPA still plays a critical and fundamental role in effective automation, it has always had some limitations. Today, more advanced tools include AI and machine learning capabilities placing many more process improvements within reach. Kofax TotalAgility delivers the reliable framework necessary for that work.

With effective intelligent automation, you can speed up business processes and reduce costly human errors. Simultaneously, you can ensure that skilled workers have a place to apply those skills instead of spending hours on highly manual tasks. So, what does it actually take to achieve those outcomes using TotalAgility? Here's what your road map should resemble.

Clearly Define Your Goals and Set Attainable Objectives

Where do you want your project to end? Defining the destination is key before you set on an automation journey. Not only does this give you something to work towards, but it also provides a means of benchmarking your progress and measuring your success. Selecting realistic, valuable goals is a step you can't skip.

Ask questions such as "What do we want to achieve with automating this task?" or "How much of an improvement should we see?" As you work towards these goals, you can more effectively evaluate whether the process meets your expectations.

Dive Deep Into Analyzing Your Current Processes

Once you've defined your goals, it's time to start analyzing the specifics of your current processes. Mapping out a business workflow provides a valuable opportunity to spot inefficiencies and identify where automation could provide benefits. Those benefits might include reducing errors, taking human hands off tedious work, or decreasing the overall duration of a process.

Analyzing your business processes should also include engaging with those most involved. Combining these insights provides the framework for determining how to use TotalAgility for maximum effectiveness. Along the way, you may even discover inefficiencies or other problems in your business processes that were previously unknown.

Explore Which Kofax TotalAgility Features Will Help the Most

With your goals defined and your processes fully understood, you can begin exploring how TotalAgility could change the game for your business. With several robust capabilities at the heart of this platform, there are some decisions to make. Which parts of TotalAgility will provide you with the most effective tools for achieving your automation goals? Some of what you'll find here include:

  • Document intelligence capabilities include cutting-edge cognitive capture for ingesting documents and extracting data from unstructured pages.
  • Business process orchestration using robotic process automation to create highly flexible workflows where humans can refocus on high-value tasks.
  • System connectors to ensure data flows across your business to the appropriate destinations.
  • Built-in AI tools for process analysis, document training, sentiment analysis, etc.
  • A low-code environment to engage users throughout the business in developing purpose-made automation solutions.

Seek Out Marketplace Connectors for a Smoother Transition

Developing and deploying effective automation in an advanced work environment is no easy feat. It can take much work to make your business more efficient. Of course, the effort is worthwhile, but how can you speed your project towards a swifter conclusion? The Kofax Marketplace could have the solutions you need.

Packed with tools for working within TotalAgility, you can find many valuable resources here. Many others have already explored process automation, and some have chosen to share the solutions they've developed to avoid repeating the same work. In the Marketplace, connectors, modules, scripts, robots, and more are ready to integrate directly into your TotalAgility deployment, and many are free of charge.

From processing data from particular forms to linking TotalAgility to external software and systems, there are many options for streamlining your project. Achieve your goals faster with help from the community.

Monitor New Workflows and Audit Your Automation Over Time

Continuously making improvements is an important element of success in automation. Once you've deployed a solution, monitor its performance and analyze whether your process benefits from the changes. These efforts identify problems early so you can correct and better adapt TotalAgility to fulfill your organizational needs.

You can also maintain this level of attention over time. You should audit your automated processes periodically to determine how much faster they make your teams. See where breakdowns or bottlenecks occur and where human intervention is necessary. Over time, this development, testing, deployment and auditing process will lead you to stronger outcomes.

Getting Started Today

Effective intelligent automation can unlock a host of benefits for your business while positioning you to be even more effective in future. With TotalAgility as part of your approach, you can enjoy high-level functionality without sacrificing control or insight into low-level processes. Start discovering more today about how you can use TotalAgility to transform the way you work into a future-facing, automation-enhanced driver of success for your business.

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