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How to Combine PDFs in Preview and Save on Mac

For many years, the only way to reliably work on PDFs was to download standalone software because most operating systems lacked any built-in support for the format. Over time, that has changed, and today users can enjoy the convenience of native applications for working on these ubiquitous digital document files. That solution comes in a pre-installed program called “Preview for users on macOS platforms.”

If you have two different PDF files that you need to combine, can you use Preview? The answer is yes, and it only takes a few steps.

The Four Steps to Combine PDFs in Preview and Save Them

With many occasions where you might need to combine a PDF, it helps to know how to accomplish your task with the available tools. For Mac users working in Preview, Apple suggests the following steps to combine PDFs:

  1. Open the PDF, then open the thumbnail view using “View.”
  2. Choose a page thumbnail to be the beginning of the merge point.
  3. Click Edit, then Insert, then Page from File.
  4. Select the PDF you want to add and select Open.

Preview will insert the entire document into the space you indicated. To save the combined file, use the “Export as PDF” button in the File menu.

Why a Dedicated PDF Editor is the Better Choice

Some Preview users report frequent issues when using Preview, such as instability, slow operations, or even introducing potential errors into PDFs during the saving or conversion process. While apps such as Preview are helpful in a pinch, they aren’t the best solution for PDF editing — especially not for those who work in a business with a high document volume.

A purpose-built standalone PDF editing solution is the better choice. With Kofax Power PDF, Mac users can enjoy a more powerful solution that offers stable reliability and feature-rich functionality. What are some of the key reasons to make the switch when you frequently need to merge PDF documents?

  • Rapidly merge multiple large PDF files in a stable software environment.
  • Use a powerful drag and drop “Document Assembly” feature to merge in single or multiple pages from other PDFs. Re-order entire PDFs with just a few clicks.
  • Set up batch processing solutions to make fast work of tedious jobs.
  • Collaborate in real-time with local network users even when they use Power PDF on different platforms, such as Windows.

Packed with even more features than Preview, Power PDF is the ideal editing solution for users working at every scale.

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Combine PDF Files with Ease Using Power PDF Today

No matter the solution you choose, one thing remains true: editing PDFs should be a stress-free experience. The right tools make all the difference when your focus lies on getting work done efficiently and error-free. Compare and contrast Preview’s performance, features and functionality with those of Power PDF today when you download a free 15-day trial today.

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