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How to Combine Multiple Screenshots Into One PDF

Building a PDF with rich content, including images, is an easy way to illustrate points made in the text or emphasize important information. For example, a team within your business might need to put together a training guide for new hires to familiarize staff with in-house software quickly. Taking screenshots of each step for inclusion in the guide is a smart idea.

How can you accomplish this task swiftly when you have numerous screenshots that you need to merge into a PDF? You don't need to look for an online tool or a special PNG to PDF converter. Instead, you can choose purpose-built software such as Kofax Power PDF and be done in only three steps.

3 Quick Steps to Combine Screenshots in PDF

Placing images into a PDF and moving them where you need them is intuitive with Power PDF's Document Assembly tools. First, we'll need to transform the image files into a PDF page to insert into your document. This is easy with Power PDF and takes only three steps on both PC and Mac versions of the software.

  1. In Power PDF, click "File," then click "Open File." Make sure you set the resulting dialog box to display all file types, not only PDFs.
  2. Find the PNG file you wish to convert, select it and click "Open."
  3. Power PDF instantly converts the PNG into a PDF document you can begin using.

Once the images are converted and ready for insertion, you can begin merging them into one document as needed. This process is straightforward, too. Here's how it works:

  1. Locate the "Pages" task group on the Home ribbon in Power PDF.
  2. Click Document Assembly. Drag and drop pages from open documents to the correct position.
  3. Close Document Assembly and save your finished file.

Alternatively, you can simply open all the converted PNGs and click "Combine Files" to quickly merge multiple images. You can use Document Assembly later to rearrange pages as necessary.

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What Image Formats Can You Transform Into PDF?

Power PDF provides extensive support for converting image files into PDF documents. Support files include:

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • GIF
  • TIFF
  • PSD
  • TGA

Note that the PDF format does not support the inclusion of animated GIF or HTML5 video files. However, its support for these and other standard file formats make Power PDF a potent file converter alongside its document editing capabilities

Reshape the Way You Handle Digital Documents Today

In just a few steps, you can merge PNG files into a PDF and get back to the process of creating or revising your document. When combining screenshots is this easy, the versatility of the PDF format becomes even easier to access. Power PDF paves the way for fast, effective work in this important digital space.

Explore how much simpler it is to use image files with PDFs when you have software built with your needs in mind. Explore a free trial version of Kofax Power PDF for 15 days to evaluate all its advanced features starting today.

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