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How to choose an eSignature Solution

Just like everyone’s signature is unique, so are the needs of businesses when it comes to eSignature solutions. For most, the question isn’t whether you need a solution, but which one is right for your business.

When making your decision, there are a few things to ask yourself, like:

  • What improvements will it bring?
  • What features and capabilities do I need?
  • What are my security requirements?
  • How much budget have I set aside?

Let’s break down these four considerations.

Improving your business

Modern businesses need modern solutions. Choosing the right eSignature solution will allow you to streamline and digitize workflows from end-to-end, improve document management and collaboration across locations, and increase customer and partner satisfaction.

Choosing the features you need

If you’re a small business, you may not need the full enterprise capabilities of a premium solution. And if you’re a smaller operation, you don’t want to pay for the features that you’ll never use. A good place to start is with an easy-to-deploy SaaS solution with uncapped users.

Securing your documents

Efficiency is only worthwhile if the solution operates securely. Choosing a solution with strong security standards can mitigate fraud attempts, and digitizing also boosts your compliance by providing a traceable, end-to-end audit trail of all process steps and transactions. Electronic signatures can also be more secure than traditional documents, allowing you to authenticate a signer's identity, as well as ensure the document hasn’t been altered after signing.

Reducing cost

Choosing a SaaS solution with unlimited users, means you can scale without the extra cost. And with the time needed to complete contracts cut from days to minutes, you’ll save both time and money. Digitizing will also reduce operational costs and reduce paper usage across a whole range of functions, from employee onboarding to account management, payroll to procurement, the cost benefits span the whole company.

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