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How Power PDF Helps Your Team Collaborate More Effectively

Success today often comes from consistent collaboration between employees and members of different teams within a business. In a world where business processes have achieved incredible levels of complexity, no one person has the solution to every single problem. Teams that collaborate effectively can complete their tasks more quickly and benefit from a more open flow of ideas and dialogue.

Collaboration also matters when putting together an important report for a quarterly meeting or building a compelling brochure to drive sales to clients. Building and editing new or existing documents can become a significant headache without effective ways to work together. Poor communication can lead to disagreements over what work remains to be done, errors can pile up, and version control problems all breed confusion and chaos.

With Kofax Power PDF, it's possible to put those frustrations in the past. Powered with brand-new features that extend the software's already robust collaborative tools, every business can benefit from adopting a better way to edit PDF files. What does Power PDF mean for the way you work?

Enable Easy In-Office Collaboration

The "return to the office" may not have happened as swiftly or robustly as some experts predicted, but many people are back at their desks and ready to work. With Power PDF, the same great collaborative tools we've always included still offer the stable, reliable, and fully-featured editing opportunities as ever. By enabling your staff to open the same document and conduct real-time editing and markup across multiple computers, you eliminate many of the common problems with in-office document creation and unlock benefits such as:

  • Faster, more transparent communication about expectations and current project goals.
  • Improved version control, so everyone is always on the same page.
  • Full access to editing and markup tools so all users can contribute.

Extend Collaboration to Your Remote and Hybrid Teams

Even though some have returned to the office, not everyone has—and today's businesses must face a more complicated landscape for effectively managing work. In the latest edition of Power PDF, we've upgraded the collaborative tools we provide to support hybrid and fully remote offices. How?

With the new Collaboration Server, you can enjoy the same capabilities our LAN-based solutions have—anywhere. With a securely configured Collaboration Server, remote workers can connect through the server to open and edit a document as if they were all on the same network. What does that mean for your business?

  • Collaboration isn't contained only within the office walls. Teams can work together at home, on the road, or anywhere they can securely connect to your server.
  • Push towards meeting project deadlines with work that doesn't have to remain limited to the office.
  • Improve team morale and communication by keeping them connected at work, even over long distances.

Powerful Features All in One Package

Power PDF is the exceptional solution today's businesses need - from the versatile new Collaboration Server to the many features that improve "quality of life" for users working on PDF files. Give your teams the right tool to take the hassle out of working on these files—and open the door to a collaborative workflow that will let individuals contribute effectively towards a joint outcome. See firsthand how easy Power PDF is to use when you download and explore your free 15-day trial right now.