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How Do You Merge Several PDF Documents Into One

Consolidating information from multiple sources into one document that is easy to reference is a common task in many offices. Within some projects, multiple teams may produce documentation separately that must then go into a "master" document. Whether you're building a new training manual or producing a critical quarterly report, combining all that data should be easy. However, when you're working with PDF files, that may not always seem to be the case. 

Unlike with Word documents, you can't easily grab an entire PDF page’s content and paste it into another document. While there are a few more steps involved when you want to merge PDF files, the process is still surprisingly easy—especially when you use the right tools, such as Kofax Power PDF. Here's what you should know.

Merge All Open Documents Into One

If you simply need a quick and easy way to combine multiple PDFs, Power PDF makes it possible in just a few steps. With this method, you can quickly combine multiple documents and then decide on their order later using the convenient drag-and-drop Document Assembly function. 

Here's how to quickly merge files in this PDF editor:

  1. Open all the documents that you wish to combine in Power PDF.
  2. From the Home tab, click the "Combine All" button in the Create group.
  3. The Combine Files dialog will open. Click the "add" button to include any files that you did not open, and use "delete" to remove files that you don't want to include.
  4. Re-order the documents using the dialog buttons or drag and drop them into the order in which you want to display them.
  5. Press the “next” button.

Power PDF combines the files and displays your merged PDF in a new tab. Be sure to save your new file!

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Add Specific Pages to Your PDF

Power PDF also makes it simple to exert finer control over the merging process. What if you want to merge multiple documents together, but you only need specific pages from each one? Here's how to grab specific pages:

  1. Open the file and select the document assembly tab.
  2. Select Page Assembly.
  3. Choose the PDF with the pages that you want to take.
  4. A new window will open displaying the page contents of the PDF. Click and drag the pages that you want to use into the Document Assembly tab, placing them inside your document.
  5. Repeat as needed to add pages from other documents.
  6. Close Document Assembly and save your document.

You can transform this seemingly complex task just by using Power PDF.

Take Full Control of Your Document Workflows

Working with PDFs doesn't always seem intuitive, but with purpose-built PDF software at your disposal, you can easily leverage the broad functionality of this file format. With Power PDF, creating, manipulating, and merging documents to create a comprehensive master document only takes a few steps. Packed with all the other features that you need, including document security and editing tools, Power PDF will become an integral part of your workday.

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