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How Do I Make a PDF Not Convertible to Word?

Protecting the security and integrity of digital information is just as important as safeguarding paper copies of the same types of documents. The PDF is the perfect vehicle for such applications, but it is possible to leave your information vulnerable without applying the correct settings. For example, you may have concerns about someone converting the file into a Microsoft Word document and making unauthorized changes to the information. How can you prevent this from happening?

With Kofax Power PDF, you can explore options to make it very difficult for an unauthorized user to convert a PDF to Word. Both rely on passwords. Here’s what to know.

Encrypt the Document With a Password for Opening

If you want to ensure that no one can access the document or make any changes without first receiving a password from you, consider securing the entire document. Without this password, it won’t be easy for even a motivated user to break past the security and convert the document.

Using Power PDF, you can set “password on open” permissions in just a few steps. Here’s how to secure a PDF once you’ve opened it:

  1. Open the Security tab, then locate Manage Security and click “Modify.”
  2. Click “Allow Document Opening Only by Password.”
  3. Use the edit box for the Document Open Password to set your security phrase.
  4. Click OK and confirm the password.

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Restrict Editing of the Document

If you want users to retain access to the document’s contents but you specifically want to lock down the opportunity to convert files, setting permission passwords is the better option. This will keep your PDF viewable and ensure that unauthorized users can’t make changes or conversions. To lock down the editing function no matter what program someone uses to view the document. The process is similar to how to make a PDF secure:

  1. From Security, click “Manage Security.”
  2. Click “Set a password to restrict editing of security settings” to prevent tampering.
  3. Set the restrictions you wish to limit, such as copying.
  4. Click OK to save your settings.

If a user tries to convert the document and can only supply the open password, the conversion attempt will fail. Only using both the open and permissions password will allow for any changes, so you can enjoy two layers of protection.

Keep Your Digital Data Secure With Advanced PDF Tools


A secure PDF file can be an important line of defense against improper use of your materials. While a dedicated user could still find ways to copy some text from your document, they may not be able to convert the file entirely. With Power PDF, applying these protections and safeguarding your information is as easy as just a few simple steps.

Make work and innovation easier when you tap into software solutions for PDF editing built with speed, stability and user-friendliness in mind. Get started today when you download a 15-day trial of Power PDF for free and see how easy it is to manage modern document security.

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