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How Do I Complete a PDF Form on Windows 11?

Although many forms, applications, and other paperwork are now fully digital, not everything has transitioned into websites or digital apps. PDF forms lie at the intersection between a fully digitized solution and traditional paperwork. These forms are useful for making digital submissions via email attachments or web uploads and printing completed forms to a hard copy format.

How can you quickly fill in the necessary information as a user of Windows 11 when you receive a PDF form to fill out and submit or file? There are several options: you could use Microsoft Edge as a PDF filler or choose dedicated software such as Kofax Power PDF. Let's look at how to approach each method and examine which of the two is easier and more reliable.

Using Microsoft Edge to Fill Out a PDF Form on Windows 11

A "native" way of opening PDFs on Windows 11 means users can quickly fill out a form without additional software. The caveat is that you can only use this method if the PDF document was created with the appropriate form fields. If you receive a static PDF with an image of a form but no digital fields added to the file, this method won't work. For proper PDF forms, though, follow these simple steps:

  1. Find the PDF file on your hard disk and double-click to open the file. If no other PDF software is on your machine, Microsoft Edge will open the file. You can also open the file directly through Edge.
  2. Highlight and select the form fields and type your data into them.
  3. Save the PDF or print a hard copy.

Why PDF Software is the Better Choice

While the above is a simple method that can work for Windows 11 users, it has limitations. By choosing standalone solutions such as Power PDF, not only can you quickly fill out forms, but you can create them, too. If you receive a file or download a form that does not have any interactive fields, you can use Power PDF to create them or add text in the necessary locations.

Just as importantly, going beyond a basic PDF reader ensures that you have access to other functions you may need with forms, such as document security and electronic signatures. Check out our quick how-to guide on adding fields to an existing PDF document.

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Power PDF Makes Form Creation and Editing Easy

Using Power PDF, completing digital forms and submitting them without delay is easier than ever. Combine that functionality with built-in support for electronic signatures and "sign and send" workflows and let Power PDF play a vital role in the day-to-day tasks you encounter in the office. Fast, easy to use, and highly cost-effective, consider the value of standardizing on PDF software built with business in mind.

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