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Intelligent Automation

Harness the Power of the Industry’s Only Low Code, Integrated, End to End Automation Solution: Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform

Over the past six months, there’s been a dramatic shift in enterprise strategy. Organizations are trying to navigate global uncertainty and scrambling to answer questions such as

  • How do I apply technology to further augment workers?
  • What’s the best way to create a sustainable state of agility?
  • How can I fill capacity by using digital workers together with human workers?
  • And, how can I govern automation efforts effectively at scale?

A majority of organizations are finding that the answer to these questions lies in leveraging a single platform to execute and automate workflows.

With the new release of Kofax’s Intelligent Automation Platform—which includes enhancements to Kofax TotalAgility—organizations can now accelerate automation throughout the enterprise. Users can harness the power of the industry’s first platform with no-code document intelligence, more embedded artificial intelligence, capabilities to manage your RPA workforce of choice, and simplified integration to other third-party business technologies. All from a single platform.

Accelerate and Deliver Digital Workflow Transformation

The new Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform release enables your organization to automate digital workflows faster than ever before through exciting enhancements to TotalAgility, including:

No-code Intelligent Document Processing with Quick Capture

Quick Capture brings Kofax’s market-leading cognitive capture capabilities to the hands of business analysts and non-developers, with a no-code, wizard-based design experience. Quick Capture allows non-technical users to train AI to solve content-centric challenges including classification and extraction from financial documents, contracts, forms and other information-intensive documents. With the ability to classify based on content and not just layout, you can classify complex unstructured documents with only a few sample documents. There’s no need to understand how Kofax TotalAgility, or the powerful cognitive services involved should be applied; this dramatically simplifies document processing.

Document Intelligence: Natural Language Processing for Summarization and Theme Analysis

Information overload and “content shock” are common challenges for knowledge workers, given the sheer amount of information to review.  In this release, more out-of-the-box Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities for Summarization and Theme Analysis further empower knowledge workers. Summarization breaks down long-form content and provides key points to help knowledge workers rapidly consume and act on valuable information. Theme Analysis gives knowledge workers a synopsis of what the content contains, saving time and maximizing the benefits of existing Sentiment Analysis capabilities. With the additions of Summarization and Theme Analysis, your organization can become more efficient as it relates to research, customer service and competitive intelligence activities.

Document Intelligence: Machine Learning for Paragraph Classification

As current Kofax TotalAgility customers have seen success in classifying invoices and sales orders, the next step is to explore more complicated documents such as confidentiality agreements, tax disclosures and contracts. With this release, advanced machine learning algorithms for paragraph classification are embedded and easily deployable. This means more flexibility in how to analyze content, and more power to process and understand complex unstructured documents. Organizations can further automate complex document processing and realize up to 90 percent savings on operational costs associated with manual extraction of information from documents.

RPA Workforce of Choice

As digital workflows cut across complex business processes, legacy technology investments and unstructured data, synergy between the world of RPA and intelligent document processing is paramount to achieving digital workflow transformation. The Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform now enhances integration with Kofax’s powerful, native RPA solution, as well as extending our market-leading cognitive capture capabilities to other RPA vendors including UiPath, Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism. Your organization can get more value from your RPA investments, regardless of RPA vendor, and process unstructured data faster and more accurately. And citizen developers will be able to orchestrate digital workers directly with Kofax TotalAgility, making it even faster and easier to govern digital workers.

Custom Services—Enhancing Workflows and Collaboration

As automation expands throughout the organization, it is critical to facilitate collaboration and create a bridge between the innovation of advanced developers and functional process knowledge of citizen developers. With the ability to package connectivity to any application, developers of any proficiency can apply no-code integrations to enhance a TotalAgility workflow and achieve greater enterprise scalability.

New Custom Services provide greater capabilities for enhancing workflows and connecting the Kofax Intelligent Automation platform with a growing ecosystem of technologies used within the enterprise. By placing Kofax at the center of your highest value and most complex automation opportunities, your organization can bring together people, documents and workflows that connect to any system. No longer is custom integration associated with expensive services engagements or highly technical workarounds only understood by a subset of users. This means easier customer access to any application that needs to be connected to, and accelerated development of digital workflows that involve connectivity with systems that Kofax does not connect with out-of-the-box.

Improved User Experience for All Automation Leaders and Innovators

We’re continually simplifying the technical and non-technical user experience, helping both groups develop and leverage automation to transform experiences for their customers and employees.  We’ve added new, improved capabilities to support low-code solution and form design, enterprise system and application integration and data security. Kofax TotalAgility brings your organization the strongest set of capabilities available in the market for developing and maintaining automation solutions.

Kofax Intelligent Automation Powers Your Workflows

Your business is unique.  And so are many of the strategic processes that power your efficiency, growth and profitability. That’s not a problem. You can extend the functionality of existing financial and accounting, operational or customer engagement workflows—or start from scratch and build your own.  With the power and simplicity of the integrated solutions built into the Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform, we make it easy to connect systems, applications and data to streamline any custom business-critical workflow.  Here’s what the platform includes:

Harness the Power of the Industry’s Only Low Code, Integrated, End to End Automation Solution: Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform
  • Kofax TotalAgility—Provides the foundation for enterprise operations, orchestrating digital workflows in collaboration with users, systems and data 
  • Kofax RPA—Delivers digital workers that are smarter, more reliable and easier to deploy to take on task automation, improve operational capacity and drive high automation ROI
  • Kofax Insight—Offers business analytics and process intelligence—from data integration to dashboards—giving you the insights you need to streamline operations and achieve business agility 
  • Kofax Mobile Capture—Turns mobile devices into information capture devices, optimizes images and provides insights via analytics dashboards 
  • Kofax SignDoc—Enables electronic signature signing to drive end-to-end business process digitization, transforming the customer experience while reducing costs 
  • Kofax Communications Manager—Automates and streamlines how you produce and manage personalized correspondence (e.g., contracts, proposals, insurance or mortgage documentation, etc.), so you can engage with customers and constituents the way they prefer 
  • Kofax OmniPage—Instantly turns paper and digital documents into files you can edit, search and share securely; delivers industry-leading optical character recognition (OCR) for fast, easy and accurate document conversion  
  • Kofax CloudDocsOffers a highly secure cloud document management solution, delivering accessible and authorized capture, storage and protection for your data
  • Kofax ControlSuiteProvides the most comprehensive content-aware capture, print and output management solution for simplifying governance, security and management of document workflows 

Learn more about Kofax Intelligent Automation.