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Customer Onboarding

Government Application Automation: A Guide to Empowering Citizens

Standing in long lines, filling out the same information over and over, delays in approvals—this is likely what pops into the minds of constituents when they imagine the process for enrolling in a government program or applying for services.

The hard truth is that many government agencies today simply can’t compete with the fast, frictionless experience many citizens are used to when engaging with businesses or social platforms in their daily lives.

Often, the culprit is aging infrastructure built on repetitive, manual or paper-based processes; these systems cannot adequately serve the needs of many constituents in an increasingly digital world. Because although some constituents are still more comfortable with paper and face-to-face meetings, others increasingly expect on-the-go engagement via their smartphones.

The good news? Digital transformation delivers a pathway for accelerating constituent onboarding journeys by automating and simplifying the collection and processing of constituent information for government programs.

Imagine if you could harness the power of process automation to:

  • Gather information quickly and painlessly
  • Verify constituent identity
  • Conduct due diligence and regulatory compliance checks faster
  • Engage employees and others productively
  • Generate documents and communications
  • Gather consent and agreement with electronic signatures
  • Leverage in-house systems efficiently
  • Accelerate the journey and remove latency
  • Provide a great constituent experience

Watch this video for a closer look at powering your program applications with automation:

Ready to learn more? Download this 7-step guide to accelerating application approval times, reducing processing costs and eliminating internal bottlenecks.