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Why Kofax Power PDF Editor is the Clear Choice for Document Management

Kofax Power PDF editor and creator is a must-have companion for any business, given how much of a necessity digital document management has become over the last few years. With Power PDF, you have a massive range of features, whether for one-time use or everyday integration.

Today we are investigating why Power PDF is the ultimate tool for document management, looking at everything it can do, from PDF creation and editing to increased file security. We will then conclude with a comprehensive FAQ section.

Document Management Tools Power PDF Offers

As mentioned, Power PDF provides an extensive list of tools, so let’s get right into it.

Comprehensive PDF Functions

The most basic feature you would expect from a PDF tool is the ability to create and edit PDF documents. Power PDF offers these tools and makes it as simple as possible to use with a concise and easy-to-read user interface.

Strengthen File Security

Protecting your business files is crucial. In the current age of technology, cyber threats can quickly turn an ordinary day into one of panic, so taking mitigating steps to strengthen business security is always good practice. Power PDF has a range of effective ways for you to increase PDF security. These features include:

  • Watermarking: Add your watermark to any file with the simple click of a button. You can choose your own designs to use as a watermark and even edit these watermarks or remove them entirely in the future. Watermarks are an effective way to show ownership of a document should it end up in the wrong hands.
  • E-Signatures: Power PDF allows you to quickly sign digital documents using signatures you set up yourself. This effortless process can save time and money and is necessary if your business needs to sign documents regularly.
  • Password Protection: One of the most effective ways to protect your digital documents is through passwords. Adding passwords to your documents helps you make sure only people who should have access to your confidential files can access them.

Third-Party Application Integration

Any digital business utilizes a range of digital tools ranging from Dropbox to Google Documents to the full Microsoft Suite. Power PDF easily integrates with these tools for increased efficiency. From exporting directly into Power PDF to allowing password protection of your documents, the added functionality is certainly useful.

Collate Your PDF Documents

Another useful feature Power PDF offers is the ability to combine documents. You can combine any PDFs, even if they have existing e-signatures or watermarks. Combining PDFs is also an effective way of collaboration since your teams can work on different document segments and easily combine them upon completion.

A Quick FAQ About Power PDF

Power PDF offers a wide range of features, so it is no surprise that we get questions about the software. However, some questions recur, and to make it easier for our readers, we have compiled some of those questions below:

Q: What is the best PDF editor for business?

A: The best PDF editor for any business will always be the option that meets all the business’s unique requirements. Some businesses deal with excessive document signing, in which case having access to e-signatures is a must-have. Others mainly want to protect their documents with passwords or make collaboration easier. Power PDF offers all these tools, so it can easily be your PDF editor of choice.

Q: Why is digital document management so important for small businesses?

A: Small businesses commonly lack the resources and team sizes of larger businesses, meaning that staff must often do more than one job. When document management becomes a regular requirement, you do not want someone spending more time on it than necessary. With Power PDF, everything from creating PDFs to editing, signing and password-protecting these documents only takes a few seconds.

Q: Are PDF Editors a secure option for sensitive business documents?

A: This depends entirely on the PDF editor in question and whether it has security features. Power PDF offers all the security features you need, from watermarks to password protection to digital snapshots that tell you if someone has changed the document since you last handled it.

Order Your New PDF Tool That Does it All

Our Power PDF editor and creator allows for easy creation, editing and securing of your digital documents. If you want this tool for yourself or your team, you can start with a free trial or make an immediate purchase.

For everything PDF, Kofax is the team with the right tools.

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