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What’s New: An Overview of the Genus KT Accelerator

Managing documents and data effectively remains a core challenge for companies today: each work week, vast volumes of information flow in and out of companies. Extracting, classifying, and using that data successfully in different business processes is no easy feat. However, advanced tools such as Kofax Transformation provide AI-powered capabilities for reshaping how you approach these processes. With Kofax Marketplace resources such as the Genus KT Accelerator, you can slash the time it takes to achieve a positive ROI in your automation efforts.

Transformation is a powerful cognitive capture platform that supports organizations to accelerate work and improve the overall quality of process outputs. With leading users in diverse industries such as healthcare, insurance, government, manufacturing, and many more, there’s real-world proof of the benefits of transforming your document-intensive workflows. Your organization becomes more agile and responsive when you don’t need to rely on manual classification, extraction, and routing—opening doors to incredible value opportunities.

However, it can take time and effort to configure everything to align with your company’s needs. The Kofax Marketplace is an online resource with professionally developed automation solutions that integrate directly into platforms like Kofax Transformation. With these tools, you can leverage AI and intelligent automation more quickly to recognize a positive ROI and tangible improvements in your workflow. The KT Accelerator is one such solution.

What Does the KT Accelerator Do?

The KT Accelerator by Genus is a simple add-on that integrates directly into TotalAgility and Transformation. This solution offers a variety of objects and tools you can use to simplify the development process for business-specific automation workflows. The purpose is to provide an SDK (Software Development Kit) that contains pre-defined scripts to streamline setting up data extraction capabilities.

The KT Accelerator also helps you quickly connect automated workflows to web-based clients with an included web wrapper. Encryption is also an inclusion in this solution so you can lock down sensitive business data and safely move data from place to place. With the KT Accelerator, you can reduce the time from automation development to active deployment. The result: you improve work methods faster and achieve a positive ROI more quickly.

Automation projects can initially seem daunting, especially if you worry about building solutions from scratch. This Marketplace solution can alleviate those worries and open the door to enhancing profitability. However, this is far from the only way to improve and extend your investment in Transformation.

Discover New Opportunities for Automation and Improvement

Kofax Transformation is a powerful tool that can change how you think about mission-critical workflows throughout your business. With the Genus KT Accelerator, getting set up and ready for success is even simpler—and you can start seeing positive returns on your investment sooner rather than later. This tool is free and compatible with recent Transformation and Kofax TotalAgility versions.

Finding Other Solutions for Enhancing Data Extraction

Making connections between software and cutting down on the duration to complete a development cycle is critical to agility in automation deployment. The Kofax Marketplace has much more for Transformation and Total Agility users beyond the KT Accelerator. With other solutions that include apps, connectors, and pre-configured workflows, finding the right way to embrace automation is easier than ever. These free and paid options can give you a clear path toward achieving quick wins in automation.

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