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From Paper to Digital: Eliminating Unnecessary Paper Usage in Business Processes

Business paper wastage has been a significant issue for many years, resulting in environmental concerns and financial costs. It’s estimated that 50% of global business waste is paper. This is enough to build a 12-foot-high wall of paper from New York to California – every year.

In a 2022 study by Deloitte, 79% of surveyed executives said they saw the world at a climate change tipping point, up from 59% the previous year. However, 88% agreed that with immediate action, we can limit the worst impacts of climate change.

While large-scale digital transformation may seem like a daunting task, there are small changes organizations can make which make a big impact on sustainability.

By identifying these wasteful paper-based habits and adopting digital solutions, businesses can reduce their environmental impact, improve efficiency and save money.

We’ll show you some common sources of paper-based inefficiencies and show you how digitization can improve your operations, sustainably.


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Onboarding Documents

Traditionally, onboarding a new employee involved filling out numerous forms and documents, including employment contracts, tax and benefit enrollment forms – all of which require printing and signing. This process can be time-consuming and wasteful.

Solution: By digitizing these documents, new employees can fill them out online and sign electronically, eliminating the need for printing and mailing. Not only does this reduce paper usage, but it also saves time and streamlines the onboarding process.

Try: Kofax SignDoc to digitally transform onboarding with secure and convenient electronic signatures.

Training Manuals

Employee training manuals are often printed out and distributed to new hires, which can result in a significant amount of paper waste.

Solution: By digitizing these training materials and making them available online, businesses can eliminate the need for printing and ensure that employees have access to the most up-to-date training materials. This approach not only saves paper but also ensures that employees are receiving consistent and accurate training.

Try: Kofax PowerPDF to convert documents of any format into editable, electronic PDFs.

Legal Documents

Legal documents such as contracts, NDAs and other agreements are also often printed unnecessarily. These documents generally require multiple copies to be printed and signed by different parties, leading to a significant amount of paper waste.

Solution: By using electronic signatures and digital document management solutions, businesses can eliminate the need for paper-based processes and streamline the document signing process. This approach not only reduces paper usage but also accelerates signing and approval processes.

Try: Kofax SignDoc provides comprehensive options to complete faster signing ceremonies, securely.

Going Digital for a Greener Future

With advancements in technology such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, businesses can automate many processes and eliminate the need for paper-based transactions.

As organizations take steps to reduce their paper usage, the ultimate goal should be to provide a fully digital experience. By eliminating paper-based processes and adopting end-to-end digital solutions, businesses can transform their operations, improve efficiency and reduce their environmental impact.

As we move towards a greener tomorrow, it's important for businesses to explore ways to reduce their paper usage. Digitization is fundamental to a more sustainable future.

Let's work together to make a positive impact on the environment while streamlining your processes and saving you money. At Kofax, we can help you reduce paper waste, improve efficiency and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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