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From Chaos to Control: Managing Your Data in a Rapidly Expanding Landscape

No one ever said managing data was easy. At times it can even feel chaotic. Not only is there more information streaming in for organizations to manage, but this data is also coming in from even more directions, and needs to be accessed by more workers in many different locations. Organizing unruly data can feel like trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube, or the cat back in the bag, but there are some simple methods to gaining some control of your data chaos in the rapidly expanding landscape.

Overcoming the Tedious

A huge problem that leads to flawed and incorrect data is human error. And why are humans making errors? It’s often because of tedious data entry that is meaningless and repetitive. You can empower your people and inspire them to generate more value for your business by letting automation do the grunt work for them – not to mention eliminating incorrect data through human error. Kofax solutions can boost productivity by 300-400% by automating data entry, making information instantly accessible throughout your enterprise, and delivering real-time, actionable data to your executive team.

Automating Data Capture

You can scale and automate information capture, as well as accelerate business processes, with Kofax’s flexible platform for securely capturing all types of information – so it’s standardized and consistent.

How it works:

  1. High-speed, high-accuracy capture ingests virtually any document from many different sources, including MFDs and watched folders.
  2. Extract and identify documents by type, using powerful automation tools that accelerate productivity.
  3. Migrate your data to Document Management, Line of Business and ECM Systems through either load files or direct connection.

Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform

You can turn documents and data into actionable information with Kofax Intelligent Automation. The platform can be trained to automatically identify and separate documents, eliminating the tedious process of pre-scan separation. It also allows you to capture and process more difficult formats like emails, easily migrating the messages and their attachments for fast classification. And taking the extraction difficulty up a notch, Kofax has solutions that even let you extract data from tables, with each row taken as an individual record. This data can then be posted to any number of destinations, including databases and accounting systems.

Interested in Kofax Intelligent Automation? Learn more here.

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