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Freelancers Can Convert PDF Files Easily With Power PDF

PDF files are standard and preferred in most business environments. Sharing and preserving the document’s integrity is far easier with the document format, meaning the data within the file is safe. However, if you’re a freelancer and your job is to make significant changes to the document, you’ll need a convert PDF feature. Read on to see how you can access a powerful PDF converter to change the file type to Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

The Challenge

You can avoid losing formatting, data or quality with proper PDF conversion software. While you can edit PDF files with Power PDF, you won’t be able to make extensive design changes. For this reason, you need to extract the information from the PDF file to the relevant editing software. Typical examples include updating a resume, adjusting the terms and conditions of contracts or analyzing reports. You can convert to the preferred format and back again after editing.

The Solution

Power PDF is a reputable alternative to other PDF software, with over 10 million people choosing it for their daily document management needs. The Microsoft Office-style interface is extremely popular with businesses since their staff are familiar with the layout. Consequently, it’s easier for anyone who’s previously used MS apps.


You’ll need to use a word processor when updating document text. Power PDF allows you to convert the PDF into Word within seconds. Simply open the software and then the file in question, click on the “Save As” button and select “Word document” as the file type. Once you’ve chosen the file location, you’ll have the Word version of the document ready for use in your Word processor.

You might think Excel is more complex because of the formulas and layout. The input of data into these files is a critical step, and if you get it wrong by incorrectly converting the file, your data could be entirely inaccurate. Power PDF will maintain your data and convert the PDF file to Excel in a few clicks.

Open the PDF conversion software and the PDF file you want to change as you would for a Word file. When saving the new document, select the Excel Workbook for the file type, and the software does the hard work.

If you’ve found the ideal presentation with the relevant data, but the file is in PDF, you’d know that this file type cannot animate the information. For example, the information you want to display appears simultaneously instead of popping up only when the presenter desires.

You can use the creative ability of PowerPoint to animate the presentation by converting the PDF file. When using Power PDF for the conversion, you can rest assured that all the elements from the original document will convert to PowerPoint. While the conversion process differs slightly from the Excel and Word files, it’s just as easy and takes a few minutes to complete. Click on PowerPoint Presentation from the Power PDF Home section and select a location to save your new file

Take it on Trial

You don’t have to worry about any loss of quality or data when you need to convert PDF to any Microsoft Office file. It makes your job easier and faster turnaround times to complete your projects. Try Power PDF free for 15 days and experience the power it has to offer.

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