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Four Ways Kofax Power PDF Can Simplify Your Workflows

A PDF is a universally compatible file type. Whether you use Mac, Windows or Linux, you can easily open a PDF and share it with anyone without format issues. Kofax Power PDF has all the tools you need to view and edit your PDFs. Its affordability and functionality set it apart from the competition.

Easy PDF Editing

Power PDF is an easy-to-use PDF editor with numerous useful tools to help individuals and businesses manage their documents. With a familiar Microsoft Office layout, it’s easy to master this powerful program and take full advantage of all the possibilities.

With Power PDF, you can quickly merge PDFs by opening them all and selecting the merge tool. Removing specific pages can be done in a few clicks, so you never have to use suspicious, free online tools to edit a PDF.

PDF software also makes adding signatures simple, as all settings and tools are easy to find and use. For more information and tutorials, Kofax has a playlist of How to Use Power PDF videos on YouTube, which break down 30 different tools and how to apply them correctly.

Integration With Office Applications

Power PDF offers simple Microsoft Word integration, adding shortcuts to your existing tool ribbon in Word. This feature lets you quickly create a PDF file without leaving your Word document. Power PDF’s recognizable Microsoft ribbon makes it easy for those familiar with Office products to learn the ins and outs of Power PDF.

Using a Document Management System is fundamental to running a business. Ensuring your documents are backed up and appropriately filed can save countless hours of searching through hard drives. Power PDF integrates seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint to create PDFs and convert files within SharePoint. Automation is an invaluable tool for managing documents.

Automated Workflows

Using automation to handle menial, repetitive tasks can increase productivity, reduce human error and speed up administrative tasks. Finding opportunities to automate parts of your workflow can save time and labor for more lucrative tasks. For example, the powerful Form Typer tool can add interactive form fields to scanned documents without prompting.

To automate tasks, you first need to identify the projects with suitable tasks for automation. The next step is to familiarize yourself with Power PDF’s automation software, which allows you to set up a Watched Folder. Any files added to this folder will automatically convert to your chosen format. We support many formats, including Microsoft, Text, Corel WordPerfect and email files.

Batch Sequencing is another way to improve productivity and performance through automation. Power PDF offers a customizable sequencing tool that can run steps to prepare documents automatically. Your settings will trigger specific actions like removing pages that match certain terms and finding and deleting any blank pages in the document.

Reduce Monthly Expenses

Power PDF is an official alternative to Adobe that has multiple subscription models that fits your organization’s needs for access to functionalities and future updates. Smaller businesses often can’t afford expensive monthly costs for a PDF editor, but a one-time cost could make Power PDF the suitable choice for a company’s PDF needs.

Power PDF also has a robust mobile PDF app included in your lifetime access, which lets you view, edit and share PDFs on the go. Sign up for a 15-day free trial and experience the simplicity of Power PDF, or contact us for custom enterprise rates.

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