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What Document Formats Can You Convert and Edit as PDF?

Computer users know the PDF format for two things. The first is the format's ability to accurately display documents across a wide variety of devices and screen sizes. The other is that you often need software specifically made for PDFs to work with these files. That often includes taking files from one type and making them into a PDF—a process that's both common and in high demand. So how can you take one format and make it into something you can edit as a PDF?

The answer lies in software such as Kofax Power PDF. Fully featured and with all the tools you need, Power PDF makes this format as accessible as needed. That includes transforming other files into PDF format.

For example, you might need tabular data from an Excel sheet. You could want to take the final draft of a marketing document from Microsoft Word and make it into the first draft of a PDF brochure. You might even want to extract information from your email to put messages into a PDF.

All these efforts involve many files, but which formats can you transform into a PDF reliably? Let's take a closer look.

Compatible Formats for Converting to PDF Files

With Power PDF, you can convert a wide range of document formats into a PDF version in just a few clicks. Whether you use functionality built into the toolbars or you choose to use the Convert Assistant, you'll find the same opportunities for easy conversion. The types of files that you can transform into PDFs include:

  • Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx)
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx)
  • Corel WordPerfect (.wpd)
  • Rich Text Files (.rtf)
  • Text files (.txt)
  • Email files (.msg, .eml)
  • Other formats, including .ps, .eps, .html, and more.

Alongside document format types, Power PDF lets you seamlessly transition image files into a PDF format. Once you do that, it's trivial to merge the PDF into other documents where you can then use the image on a page or as a graphic. Supported image file types include the following:

  • Bitmap (.bmp)
  • JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg, .jpf and more)
  • GIF
  • Photoshop Documents (.psd)
  • TGA
  • TIFF
  • PNG

No matter what you have on hand to convert, you can get the job done and move on to more productive matters within minutes.

How Can You Convert Files Easily?

For some formats, such as Microsoft Word, you'll find convenient buttons for conversion built right into Power PDF's navigation ribbons. Others you can convert to PDF simply by using the software to open them. However, Power PDF also has a built-in Convert Assistant to give you access to the full range of options when you want to move files between formats.

This functionality includes specifying document types (e.g., standard or legal), picking page ranges, and setting output formats. You can even quickly open and view the results of your conversion directly from the assistant. With these tools, your data doesn't have to be stuck in one format.

Change the Way You Work With PDFs Today

With support for dozens of different file types, you can master the art of PDF creation in no time. With additional functionality for setting up data extraction from software such as your favorite mail program, Power PDF puts more control over your data in your hands.

More than just a file converter, you can also edit PDF files, add encryption, create forms, and do much more—all in one convenient program at one convenient price. Explore a free trial of Power PDF today to get started.

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