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Why You Need the CaptureBites™ Box Export Connector

How capably can your business organize, access, and archive its most important documents? Despite accelerating trends towards more paperless processes, many companies must still handle large volumes of paper. Turning these hard copies into useful data can take up a large part of the day if you must rely on manual processes. Without an effective way to organize those scanned files, you can struggle to locate data in a timely manner, too. With the CaptureBites™ Box Export Connector and Kofax Capture or Kofax TotalAgility, you can address these concerns quickly.

With the combination of these solutions enabled by a connector built by CaptureBites, streamlining many labor-intensive document tasks becomes simple. As you fully automate portions of the workflow, you can re-dedicate valuable work hours towards more important tasks involving those documents or other efforts. To explore and examine the value and functionality of this connector, we should start with a quick overview of the business-focused cloud service called Box.

Using Box as a Document Management Solution

There are many cloud platforms out there today with the goal of simplifying document management for businesses. However, not all the solutions you can find feature a design targeted explicitly towards enterprise use from the very beginning. With Box, that's what you receive—and it can reshape the way you navigate challenging workflows. One of the most robust features you can leverage using Box is its powerful search engine.

Locating documents is often a challenging task when you need to identify them by a specific attribute. You'll likely encounter a large number of erroneous results. Because Box offers a more effective metadata and tagging system, you can search for attributes by field label or type. Such a simple addition can have big ramifications for how quickly work flows through key processes.

There's just one concern you might have: how can you populate those metadata fields accurately? With the Box Export Connector, you can leverage Kofax Capture and TotalAgility to great effect. Let's look at how.

Connecting Box to Kofax Capture or Kofax TotalAgility

First things first: you'll need to connect Kofax tools to Box. Otherwise, you'll still need to manually move information from one place to another and enter metadata by hand. That level of manual work, with its high risk of errors, is exactly what you want to replace. The Box Export Connector developed by CaptureBites is precisely what you need. It's easy to set up and quick to configure, and it provides a fully automated connection between your Capture workflows and your destination Box folders.

You'll find this connector available on the Kofax Marketplace. The Marketplace is a one-stop destination for solutions meant to extend and enhance the impact of your investment in Kofax products. From connectors such as these to pre-built apps, frameworks and more, it's a simple way to strengthen the impact of your automation investment and grow your ROI.

Once you've licensed and installed the connector, you can start experiencing the benefits of its functionality.

What Can You Do by Connecting Kofax Platforms to Box?

With Capture, you can use document intelligence to extract text and metadata with a high level of accuracy. Through the connector to Box, you can enjoy a seamless flow of information from capture points such as MFDs into destination folders in Box. A full-text and searchable PDF for each document automatically goes into Box folders, with fields you've defined creating folders and subfolders with identifiable names.

Going further, the connector seamlessly maps extracted fields defined on the Kofax side into metadata objects in Box. Each Box entry for every PDF contains all the relevant metadata you need extracted directly from the document. All this takes place without any additional effort from your employees beyond the scanning process. When properly configured, you can potentially save hours of manual typing, copying, and searching.

The Value of Seamless Metadata Mapping

Automatic field mapping makes it dramatically simpler to sort out documents by specific information. Consider a mortgage firm that processes hundreds of applications monthly. A situation arises in which the company would like to review specific documents from a particular state, or documents associated with a specific contract number.

Without effective metadata, you could spend a long time searching through irrelevant results to find the one you want. With Box, you can instead set up a special search based on metadata fields, such as a contract number. High-quality results keep team members on task and prevent paperwork from falling through the cracks.

Easily Handle Exceptions in the Workflow

What happens if the connector can't fully extract metadata for a particular field? Not to worry—you can start using a built-in Box automation workflow to correct the issue. Exceptions go into their own separate folder in Box after scanning. Simply navigate to the folder, open the file, and view the listed exception.

Since the PDF produced by Kofax Capture and transferred to Box is full text, you can often copy the missing information with ease and enter it directly into the metadata field. Once you've done so and confirmed that you completed the workflow, Box automatically moves the file to the appropriate folder. It takes far less time to resolve exceptions this way than in manual workflows.

Explore What You Can Do With Better Integration Today

When employees can scan documents directly into fully searchable and tagged PDF files in the Box cloud, you eliminate tedious steps and close the door on potential errors. Higher quality data, better document visibility, and fully mobile capabilities all translate into real-world improvements for the way you do business. Enhancing productivity at the document capture level ultimately contributes to improved efficiency at many later stages.

The CaptureBites™ Box Export Connector features a watermarked demo mode for those who wish to explore its functionality first. You can also select a longer trial license before choosing to commit to a full license. With these and other Marketplace solutions, you can discover how much you can improve your processes and accelerate your journey towards a positive ROI today.

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