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Embracing Automation Tools in the Modern Healthcare Office

The healthcare sector has many complex responsibilities to handle each day, not only in providing for good patient outcomes but also to manage the business side of any organization. In healthcare and adjacent service offices, there are many competing concerns: the need for quick work, the legal priority to safeguard privacy, and challenges surrounding the timely sharing of information. For such workplaces, tools that provide a greater degree of automation are among the most promising potential investment areas. Consider why now is the time for healthcare offices, from clerical departments in hospitals to private practices, to consider the benefits of automation tools.

The Advantages of Automation Today

Although workplace automation has been on the rise since computers first arrived in the office, now is perhaps the best time to consider it as a worthwhile resource. Advanced software and tools powered by machine learning make it easier for healthcare workers to navigate everyday challenges, such as the following.

  • Practices must handle a very high volume of patients, leading to the generation of large amounts of information that often falls under the purview of health-related privacy laws. Automating some of the processes related to handling these documents could save hours in any given week.
  • Healthcare agencies face stricter requirements than other businesses regarding safe document handling and storage. Automation of security-related processes reduces the risk of human error and the potential exposure to liability.

By integrating automation into your business now, you can lay the groundwork for future improvements while realizing enhancements immediately.

Streamlining Back Office Processes

Apart from patient-facing work, the most time-consuming efforts in the healthcare sector typically include clerical work and document handling. With software such as Kofax Power PDF, you can tap into a range of industry-standard features that simplify hands-on work while also providing opportunities for automation.

For example, consider the need to digitize large amounts of paperwork generated during the average day. With Power PDF, files scanned directly to the "watched folder" on the network will automatically undergo conversion into PDF documents according to the specifications you set. Packaged with one of the industry's leading optical character recognition solutions, the resulting documents are highly accurate and ready for further use or storage. You can also automate security using digital certificate-based solutions, locking down files, or merge each PDF into a consolidated file. Compared to an online PDF editor, the differences are like night and day.

Many Tools Aid in Automating the Front Office

Power PDF also makes it easier to automate the creation of forms for use with patients and others involved in front-office processes. After designing a new form in software such as Microsoft Word, a quick conversion to PDF provides access to the software's automatic form field generator. Power PDF intelligently determines where you've created spaces for fields and creates the appropriate type of field, from radio buttons to text entry boxes. With more interactions between doctors and patients moving online, providing easy to use intake forms and other paperwork throughout is essential. With automation, it's both easy and cost-effective.

Exploring Your Options for More Efficient Work

With automation tools becoming more widespread and affordable, even smaller healthcare operations can take advantage of the chance to reduce daily workloads. Eliminating time-consuming tasks often translates into extensive time savings over the course of a workday, freeing up your staff to carry on with more important efforts. With Power PDF's cost-effective licensing structure and instantly familiar user interface, deploying automation solutions is within easy reach. Learn more about Power PDF's rich feature set or try a 15-day free trial in your office today.

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