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Using EasyWORKFLOW Scripts to Save Time and Boost Productivity

Document capture processes are the source of many bottlenecks in business. Not only do they consume large amounts of time, they're expensive, too. You may be paying multiple employees, perhaps even an entire team's worth of people, for many hours of work. Capturing documents, extracting their information, and taking action based on that information is hard work. With Kofax Capture, you can automate more of that work—and with the addition of the easyWORKFLOW utility, you can do even more.

Batch processing capabilities are essential for contending with high-volume work. With easyWORKFLOW, you can develop robust abilities in mere minutes. Instead of a weeks-long development process, you can deploy new improvements much faster. Let's explore what you can do with this utility and how you can benefit.

What Does easyWORKFLOW Do?

easyWORKFLOW is a scripting utility that features an intuitive user interface. This utility can help you create custom workflows you can apply to work occurring inside Kofax Capture. When you need to subject documents to the same type of processing each time they enter your computer systems, it is often time-consuming to do repeatedly. Creating a custom script to apply to your batch scanning jobs is a simple way to save time.

With easyWORKFLOW, there are thousands of possible combinations for all the available options. In other words, adapting your Capture workflows to the specific needs of your business is as simple as learning how to define the proper batch actions in easyWORKFLOW. You can define rules and settings for entire batches, specific document types or data fields extracted from those documents. With the guided process of the user interface, business users can capably create their own scripts without the need to initiate an entirely new IT development project.

What Are the Benefits of Modifying Capture With easyWORKFLOW?

The immediate benefits of easyWORKFLOW are easy to see. Avoiding the need for custom software development ensures you can more rapidly adapt Capture to generate the process improvements your business needs. However, there are other important reasons to consider adapting to this solution. Additional benefits include:

  • Fewer touchpoints for human workers in the document capture process, ensuring a faster pipeline towards actionable data.
  • Speed improvements for document processing. With automation supporting batch efforts such as validation, field cleanup and more, you can process even higher volumes of data without compromising quality.
  • A reduction in human errors. It can be easy for a user to accidentally skip a key step as they process hundreds of documents a day, but easyWORKFLOW replicates the same stages every time.
  • A wide variety of utilities and functions to create scripts that align with your needs for any kind of document, with control down to the individual field level.

Acquiring easyWORKFLOW and adding it to your business is simple. Simply request more information through the Kofax Marketplace. This solution lets you develop automated scripts for even the most complex batch-processing jobs within minutes.

Equip Your Teams With More Powerful Document Processing Tools Today

Businesses can remake how they handle common batch-processing tasks for documents by adding one utility to their Capture deployment. Reducing manual labor and improving the quality of your data while tearing down data silos and eliminating errors has rarely been so cost-effective. easyWORKFLOW has a free demonstration version available for trial purposes. Explore more information and request your demo in the Kofax Marketplace now.

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