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Discover the 5 Most Popular Connectors in the Kofax Marketplace

Investing in new technology requires a clear path toward a positive return for any business. The need for a winning strategy is even more significant in the business automation space. Automation is a powerful tool, but success with such platforms is not spontaneous—their deployment requires careful planning and thorough testing. At times, you may identify areas where you need to extend the reach or function of your tools. With the Kofax Marketplace, such solutions are within reach right now.

The Marketplace has much to offer as a hub for expert developers on Kofax platforms, contributing to solutions that address shared needs. There are options for many use cases across industries, from entire pre-built apps to connectors that enable critical links between systems.

Many companies face similar needs in specific areas, especially when integrating automation into existing processes. Spending time and money repeatedly to develop a basic solution doesn’t make sense. The Marketplace lets you skip that process and go straight to actionable functionality with connectors made by experts who once faced the same needs.

The Most Popular Connectors Available Today

What Marketplace solutions top the charts among users of Kofax automation today? We investigate the numbers to determine what currently draws the most attention from our audiences. These popular connectors offer robust integration opportunities for those exploring what’s possible with the Marketplace.

1. The Azure OpenAI GPT Connector for Total Agility

Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, based on the OpenAI framework, have rapidly begun to revolutionize many tasks. With the ability to maintain natural-sounding conversations to support users or analyze unstructured data for compliance risks, the use cases are highly diverse. Adding this capability into an automation solution such as Kofax TotalAgility creates exciting opportunities to add natural language processing and generative AI into business operations.

This Kofax Labs-developed connector is free to download and easy to set up and configure. You will need a subscription to Microsoft Azure and its OpenAI platform to exploit its capabilities thoroughly. However, the free public engine is also available in the connector, so choosing a solution aligned with your needs is easy.

2. The AI Document Fraud Detection Tool

Fraud costs businesses vast sums of money every year. Accepting forgeries could lead to serious compliance risks and potential fines. Ensuring document authenticity and reliability is critical in industries from healthcare to the legal sector and beyond. However, examining documents manually can leave room for potentially costly errors.

The TotalAgility connector to Resistant AI’s document fraud detection tool helps eliminate those errors. This tool can identify potential anomalies in documents using advanced machine learning and more than 500 examination points. Such a tool can reveal manipulation or possible forgery and raise an alert to initiate a human review of the problematic documents. This tool is vital for today’s fraud teams that must operate efficiently, even at scale.

3. Open AI ChatGPT integration with Kofax Intelligent Automation

Want to add original ChatGPT-level text generation to an intelligent automation project instead of using a Microsoft solution? This Kofax Labs connector lets users quickly integrate ChatGPT-3 into the intelligent automation platform. Whether summarizing data to create a quick reference table or digging deeper into a supplied text, you can directly leverage one of the most advanced generative AI tools within an intelligent automation project.

Summarization capabilities are an excellent way to save time without missing valuable information in large data volumes. This connector also allows easy data tokenization using ChatGPT as an analytical tool. Sentiment analysis, which determines the emotional content of a text, is also possible with this free connector.

4. The Kofax ReadSoft Online Connector for SAP

Invoice processing is one of the most labor-intensive yet critical elements of the accounts payable workflow. Bringing automation into this space requires the right tools and the proper connections. Kofax ReadSoft, now AP Essentials, provides cognitively captured invoice processing to intelligently identify and extract data from PO and non-PO invoices.

With this SAP connector, you can automate the extraction of invoice data and the population of that data into your existing SAP S/4HANA or SAP ECC deployments. There’s no need to re-type data or undertake tedious copying work. Instead, this connector facilitates a lightning-fast exchange of information no matter what scale you work at, delivering the functionality and visibility you require.

5. The Kofax TotalAgility Salesforce Connector

Like SAP, Salesforce is another leading platform that modern companies depend upon. However, ensuring your Salesforce deployment has the appropriate data isn’t always easy. Still, there’s no need to build connections from scratch with the connector to Kofax TotalAgility. TotalAgility is made with highly document-intensive procedures in mind and is ideal for automating processes that typically require large amounts of manual data entry.

Connecting TotalAgility to Salesforce means eliminating time wasted moving information from one system and re-entering it into Salesforce. Quickly ingest orders, client cases, and more while maintaining a free flow of information between both platforms. TotalAgility can use this connector to call on your Salesforce databases to return information on contacts, accounts, prices, and more to facilitate further automation elsewhere.

Discover New Opportunities for Extending Functionality

Whether you want to integrate groundbreaking AI capabilities directly into your workflows or need a reliable way to transfer data between systems, Marketplace solutions offer an easy path forward. Though the above connectors are among our most popular downloads today, they represent only a quick overview of what the Marketplace contains. Look deeper, and you’ll find much more to explore here.

Find consulting help with automation projects, explore frameworks that can inspire your approach to automation and more. The Kofax Marketplace offers clear and direct ways to extend the reach of your automation tools and ensure their effectiveness and value. Find new ways to improve your ROI and accelerate your automation journey today.

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