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Digitally Signing Documents With Kofax Power PDF and Other Tools

Digital signatures on documents have become an increasingly popular choice for many people worldwide. These signatures allow a variety of benefits over wet ink signatures, such as tamper tracking, ease-of-use and even signature storage options. But have you wondered which Power PDF tools or applications you need to sign documents, and which features you can expect from these tools in addition to document signing?

Commonly Used Software That Supports a Digital Signature

There are a variety of tools online that allow you to add a signature to your documents. But many of these tools often come without extended capability, which means as soon as you want to do more than add digital signatures to a document, you need to look elsewhere. This is where SignDoc comes in, allowing you to sign your digital documents and do more with one program.

SignDoc boasts a range of incredible features outside of simply allowing you to sign your documents digitally. SignDoc allows you to sign various common document types, such as PDFs or Word files. This feature already means it will already prove invaluable as it automatically detects input fields on these documents to assign to a signer.

You can expect guided signing, which means the software will direct your attention towards things such as initials, signatures, check boxes and more so that you don’t overlook something. You will also experience the power of transparent workflow which includes a comprehensive document history of any signed file. This document history will indicate to those who receive it if the file was altered after they placed their signature.

As a measure of security, SignDoc allows multiple methods of authentication, from email to SMS and security questions. You can also download it directly to mobile to make your digital signing even simpler.

Additional Tools That Power Up Your eSignature Experience

While signing documents is useful, there’s no reason to stop there. As you might know, Kofax boasts a range of useful tools, one of which is Power PDF. If you have Power PDF already, you’ll be glad to know it offers integration with SignDoc.

Integrating these two programs means that you get all the efficient PDF creation and editing tools alongside the full suite of digital signing tools provided by SignDoc.

Using both of these programs together, you can apply and verify your digital signatures without the need for a separate web session. You can also expect Power PDF to allow you to sign documents to get all the functionality in a single place. Your files will also support verification against the European Trade Union Trusted List of Digital Root Certificates without requiring that users install certificates. Your files will also be legally compliant with traceable end-to-end audit trails.

Get Power PDF and SignDoc Today

If you’re ready to try out either of these programs, you can do so with a 15-day free trial to test all the available features. Alternatively, we provide a 30-day money-back guarantee to those unhappy with the product after purchase.

Unlock the power of digital signatures today with Kofax.