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A Guide to Developing for the Kofax Marketplace

Do you have development and operational experience with Kofax products? From AP automation tools such as Kofax AP Essentials to RPA and intelligent automation capabilities, these tools provide a platform for developing business-critical applications today. For motivated developers who enjoy Kofax solutions and are proficient with their functionality, the opportunity to give something back also exists in the Kofax Marketplace.

When you understand Kofax products and your team is proficient with them, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll engage in the development of a more custom solution. Specific business use cases abound, and extending functionality or bridging the gaps between computer software can prove especially valuable. Have you, or do you plan to develop such solutions? You could become a part of the Kofax community and even realize opportunities for monetization and further brand building.

By selling your solutions on the Kofax Marketplace, all of that is possible. Here’s what you need to know.

The Marketplace, Briefly Explained

The Kofax Marketplace is an online destination for all users of Kofax products, from small businesses to multinational enterprises. This space is where third-party developers have contributed solutions for various Kofax products. These include connectors, frameworks and apps, and learning and training resources to make it simpler for others to understand how to leverage the full functionality of products and platforms.

The Marketplace exists to help others avoid reinventing the wheel when it comes to business automation. For example, many accounts payable processes are similar across organizations and industries. Many Marketplace solutions help companies adapt their AP workflows to the Kofax automation ecosystem. When you have an idea or innovative solution that you believe could benefit the wider community of Kofax product users, the Marketplace offers the ideal destination for your hard work.

What Makes Contributing Worth Your Time?

Selling or sharing your solutions, or developing one specifically for the Marketplace, comes with many benefits beyond the satisfaction of helping others share in success. Passing the submission process and having a solution featured in the Market-place can be a boon for your brand. With over 20,000 customers and an install base growing constantly, you can put your brand in front of many more potential prospects in one easy place.

The Marketplace features many free solutions, which are excellent for gaining recognition and visibility. However, there are many paid solutions. The right development pathway can take you towards a new revenue stream that makes your investment even more valuable. Simultaneously, you can start setting your brand apart as a leader in smart automation. There’s no better way to future-proof your brand and its relevance than to demonstrate that capability.

So how do you get started?

The Process for Joining the Kofax Marketplace

Contributing to the Marketplace is a straightforward process once you break it down into individual steps. Let’s walk through each part of the workflow you should expect.

1. Start building your solutions.

First, create the solution you’d like to share on the Marketplace. Categories include connectors, apps, frameworks, software robots and much more. Target your development towards a particular product or platform, such as Kofax TotalAgility. Make your solution operational and ready for deployment in real-world environments.

2. Get registered and set up your profile to begin.

Create your Marketplace Contributor account using our simple sign-up process. We collect minimal data about your business to get things started. After we review your registration, we’ll send you an acceptance email and instructions for activating your account.

Once activated, you can fill out your profile with all the relevant information, including your branding logo and company contact information. Be as detailed as possible. When users view your solutions, they will see this data and use it to decide whether to pursue your solution.

3. Review the submission guidelines and double-check your work.

You can review the guidelines we’ve created for submission and acceptance from your dashboard. Like any app store, maintaining quality and reliability is important to our team. Be sure you’ve created your solution in line with these guidelines to avoid delays in the approval process.

4. Submit assets and share informative copy.

Using your account dashboard, you can begin the process of submitting your solution. Be detailed and thorough, describing the asset, what it does, and how it can be useful for end users who choose to deploy it. Remember, people will see this when they visit your asset page. Follow the submission guidelines for including your solution as outlined during the process.

5. Pass quality checks or make corrections for resubmission.

Upon submission, our team will review your work and determine whether it meets our standards. We will ensure your solution works as intended and provides the functionality that you’ve described to users. If issues arise, you can make corrections and submit them again for further consideration.

6. Launch your asset with the sharing method of your choice.

Once approved, it’s time to get ready for launch. You may allow users to visit your website directly to begin an immediate download of your solution, which is the ideal choice for free options. For paid solutions, you can have your Marketplace page direct an inquiry to your sales team for follow-up.

7. Maintain and support your solutions.

Many Marketplace contributors provide support for their assets by offering users the opportunity to request customer support. You should also have a plan for updating assets as time passes and new software versions roll out for public use.

Leave Your Mark on the Kofax Community With Advanced Solutions

The future of work lies in advanced automation and enhanced collaboration be-tween skilled humans and highly capable software systems. With development opportunities and the Kofax Marketplace, you can help others take that next big step while introducing new revenue and recognition opportunities for your brand.

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