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How to Combine PDF Files on macOS Big Sur

If your business processes heaps of paperwork, you require reputable and reliable PDF software to simplify document handling for your staff. Whether you’re working on several documents or sending an email with multiple PDFs, you can combine them to work with a single file.

You can combine PDF files on Mac with Kofax Power PDF. Using this software will save your employees time and storage space. Let’s explore the details on how to use a MacBook to combine PDF files.

The Process to Merge PDF Files on Mac

Office environments have multiple needs for combining documents. Whether you’re assembling user manuals, agendas, training books, or official paperwork for clients, you don’t have to scan individual pages from a large document any longer.

Power PDF empowers both you and your employees to combine multiple PDFs within minutes. All you require is the Creative PDF Assistant to create a single file in which you can control the security, compression, and compatibility. Follow these simple steps to combine PDF files:

  1. Install Power PDF on your macOS system. Open the software and search for the “Creative PDF Assistant” option.
  2. When the Creative Assistant window opens, find the ‘insert page from file’ button to identify the specific PDF files that you need to combine. Alternatively, you can drag the thumbnails or drag-and-drop the necessary pages into your new PDF document.
  3. After selecting the relevant files, search for the first drop-down menu and select “Create a PDF for each input document”.
  4. This action will open PDF files for each document that you have open. The other option is clicking on “Combine files into one PDF document”.
  5. To select a specific folder to save the document in, click the “Saving” button, which will ask you to find the appropriate folder.
  6. The final step is clicking the “Create PDF” button, which you’ll find near the bottom of the window. Make sure that you’ve arranged each page as you require, as this step converts the files into a single PDF file.

This process is the simplest method of learning how to combine PDF files on MacOS 10.13 to 11. It may take a while for your employees to find their feet, which is the case for any new software that you introduce. However, if your team has worked in Microsoft Office before, they will more easily understand Power PDF thanks to its similar interface.

Merging Specific Pages From PDF Files

Sometimes you may require one page from a long document to merge it with a new set of paperwork. Power PDF allows you to organize this process in a few clicks:

  1. On the Home tab, select “Open Document Assembly”.
  2. The software will prompt you to select the PDFs that you want to combine.
  3. Find the relevant page and insert it into the Page Assembly area by clicking on it, dragging, and dropping.
  4. You can rearrange the PDF as you desire and export the document as a PDF file.

Why Choose Power PDF?

Power PDF is the best alternative to Adobe Acrobat with over two million users worldwide. More businesses than ever are realizing the value that Power PDF adds to their operation, especially with its 70 percent saving over three years compared to Adobe’s monthly subscription.

Experience what Power PDF can do for your business by immersing yourself in the 15-day trial.

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