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Convert a PDF to PowerPoint in 4 Steps

PDF files are widespread for business uses, and it's not unusual for a company to have hundreds or perhaps thousands of PDFs in digital storage. These could include personnel records, marketing materials and quarterly business reports. The PDF format makes it easy to contain all these documents in one easily-reproduced solution—but sometimes, you might need that data in a different format. For example, what if you need to convert a PDF to PowerPoint?

With Kofax Power PDF, even non-standard conversions such as this are possible. In fact, they're easy. Let's consider when you would want to use this functionality and review how to use Power PDF to complete the job.

When and Why Would You Convert PDF to PPT?

PDFs, being document files, are quite different from the slideshow presentation format you'll find in PowerPoint. However, the best PowerPoint products use more than just basic text to illustrate their point. A blend of good graphics and information is essential for telling your story to an audience. As a result, there are many times you might want content from a PDF:

  • You might need to extract a specific portion from the PDF with relevant charts or graphs.
  • There might be an important picture inside a PDF that you want to include on a slide.
  • Incorporate other elements from a PDF by converting single pages rather than an entire document.

Power PDF includes built-in functionality for accomplishing this important task.

Power PDF Makes Quick Conversions a Breeze

It only takes four steps for users to start converting documents. Here's how the process works:

  1. Using Power PDF, open the document you want to convert.
  2. Locate the "Home" section on the main navigation ribbon. Locate the button with the PowerPoint logo, labeled "PowerPoint presentation."
  3. Click the button. A save dialog box appears. Name your new file and set a save location.
  4. Click "OK" to finalize your file. Power PDF converts the document to PPT and saves it in your destination.

You can now use Microsoft PowerPoint to open the file and edit it as a presentation.

Can You Change the File Back Later?

Later, you may decide to take the completed PowerPoint presentation and turn it into a PDF document again. You might want to easily make a slide deck or add more content, or you could want to archive the information. Whatever the reason, making the switch back is no trouble at all; simply follow the same procedure but with the formats swapped. Converting PPT to PDF takes mere seconds.

Remember, PDF is a static document format; it cannot display the animations or other complex elements you might add to a presentation in PowerPoint. Any special elements you added in PowerPoint will not carry over to the PDF. You cannot access these elements in their original form if you convert them back to PPT again, either. Keep backup copies of your work before swapping formats as a best practice.

Manage Your Documents With Ease Using Power PDF

When you need to put together that perfect presentation, don't leave any resource on the table. With a quick and straightforward way to convert PDF to PowerPoint, you can combine diverse resources to create an informative, innovative result. Take advantage of a rich set of features and the power you need to take complete control over the data in your digital documents. Try a free trial of Power PDF to discover a better way to work with your files today.

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