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Business Benefits of the Cloud for Office Printing and Print Management

The task of managing your printing service shouldn’t be occupying your time and resources. As a function that supports your day-to-day operations, it needs to work smoothly and seamlessly in the background. Using modern cloud print services has a range of benefits for the workplace – let’s dive into 10 business benefits of the cloud for office printing and print management.

1. Reduced cost

The cloud can dramatically reduce the cost of print operations and provide a quick ROI. The simplified and cloud-managed infrastructure replaces print servers from your network, cutting on-prem infrastructure costs, as well as service, support and maintenance fees.

2. Security

Regardless of whether you print locally or remotely, cloud printing solutions can encrypt and transmit all print data, so that it is only unpacked the moment the document is printed. So it’s important to choose a solution that aligns with your own security requirements. Printix adds an encrypted security layer over the entire company's print infrastructure – protecting both new and old printers with Zero Trust technology. It also provides card-based security, to release documents from the touchscreen control panel of the printer using a card or ID code.

3. Simplified admin

With print management in the cloud, businesses of all sizes can relieve IT burden and eliminate the need to install traditional on-premises print management software with associated print servers. Printix lets you deploy printers with new versions updated automatically, so you’re always up to date with the most recent software and clients, and you can update drivers from a centrally managed location. With Printix, you can enable flexible printing access from any device to any printer.

4. Workflows

With cloud printing, you can lift the restrictions on traditional printing services to include other digital workflows. This includes capturing documents for selected workflow destinations such as email, Microsoft SharePoint Online or OneDrive.

5. Sustainability

Moving to the cloud doesn’t mean you have to throw out your existing printers. Modernizing printing for office workers can improve sustainability by lowering the need for on-premises power and cooling consumption – while reusing your existing hardware investments. With Printix’s sustainable print management solution, you can reduce paper waste, conserve energy, optimize printer fleets, promote digital workflows, and foster a culture of responsible printing.

6. Management

Cloud management also means easier, centralized management. From the Printix central management console, you can configure and centrally manage printers, print queues and drivers – and even add new printers using your phone or tablet. From the management console, you can also automatically add or remove print queues on any users’ computers.

7. Productivity

Cloud-based SaaS models can be provisioned fast and new users onboarded quickly and efficiently so it's ready to go right away. Printix’s intuitive user experience makes it easy for even new users to navigate and use with automatic print network discovery and intelligent print driver selection. It also offers automatic print queue installation by location, group, or self-service.

8. Accessibility

Print from phones and tablets is easy with cloud-based solutions. You can easily use Android and iOS with Printix-managed printers to enable mobile printing for convenient, flexible access.

9. Hybrid workforce

Printix operates in the cloud, allowing employees to access their printers from anywhere, whether they are working from the office, at home, or on the go. This eliminates the need for on-premises print servers and provides a consistent printing experience across locations.

10. Analytics and Reporting

Printix provides comprehensive analytics and reporting on print usage, costs, and environmental impact. This visibility allows organizations to optimize print resources, identify cost-saving opportunities, and monitor sustainability goals, irrespective of where employees are located.

Ready to discover what the cloud can do for your printing and print management? Printix SaaS unlocks all of these benefits and more.

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