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Making the Most of Kofax Transformation & Marketplace Resources: A Best Practices Guide

Data is the lifeblood of business today. Data drives everything, from when to purchase new stock to when customers are most receptive to hearing a sales pitch. It empowers great customer service, facilitates daily back-office work, and ultimately acts as the foundation for all digital processes. Even in today’s online world, though, data is no more standardized than before; you may receive tons of information from many channels all day long. Kofax Transformation is here to help you make sense of it all.

This cognitive document processing solution delivers incredible opportunities to automate tasks for the empowerment of greater human productivity. Document workflows are troublesome across an entire business. Many documents arrive daily across numerous channels, whether it’s sales, accounting, customer support, or the legal team. All these documents need to be data your business systems understand—and Kofax Transformation is the “translator” you need.

Let’s explore what this innovative suite is all about and consider how you can start setting up for success with AI and cognitive capture.

What Is Kofax Transformation? What Can It Help You Do?

At the most basic level, Kofax Transformation does what its name suggests: it transforms the huge amount of documents businesses deal with daily into data actionable for use in business systems. For example, con-sider a customer service email with a specific complaint. Normally, you would need a human worker to open the email, read the contents, and understand the problem. Next, they would need to do things such as look up the correct customer, create a support ticket, and notify the appropriate parties.

With Transformation’s cognitive capture platform powered by deterministic AI that learns and improves, you can eliminate most of those steps. Instead, this platform can receive the message, understand its contents, and translate it into data (such as a customer ID number and a complaint flag) other business software already understands. Simply put, Transformation can help you exercise full control over your document data – no matter the point of origin, document type, or the format in which it ar-rives.

As a result, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits. Not just for improving visibility over the data in your organization, Transformation is also excel-lent for accelerating work, making every human more productive, and avoiding costly mistakes or errors that slow you down.

A Quick Overview of Transformation Resources in the Kofax MarketPlace

Out of the box, Transformation is highly feature-rich and ready to help you start supporting enhanced human productivity. However, its base functionality is only the beginning. Transformation is an incredibly flexible platform designed to help any kind of business automate its specific document workflows. As a result, you’re able to find a wide range of custom-built solutions ready for immediate deployment from the Kofax Market-place.

You’ll find many solutions in the Marketplace designed for specific document use cases. Consider a few examples of what you can find:

  • A pre-built software robot for analyzing bank check information and initiating deposit processes.
  • An agile script for comparing two actual scan images versus their OCR text output to simplify the analysis of document changes.
  • A redaction module for automating the process of blacking out personally-identifiable information and other sensitive data.
  • Advanced database connectors to import or export data to and from Transformation to other business systems.

These are only a few examples of the exciting Kofax Transformation modules you can find ready for use on the Marketplace--no in-house development time necessary.

Setting Up for Success With Transformation

OK, so how do you get started? Integrating any automation into your business is a many-layered undertaking that requires a clear understanding. In brief, the steps involved in launching a new project include:

  • Determining what document classifications you need and defining these class structures in a new KTM project.
  • Creating and defining the fields that KTM will need to identify and extract from documents.
  • Load your initial documents, use OCR, and create "Golden Files." These are documents you've fully validated and can use as a benchmark for the system to begin learning extraction procedures.
  • Last, create document locators in KTM to facilitate further learning.

In our complete Best Practices Guide, available right now on the Market-place, you can explore a detailed process for setting up Kofax Transformation projects.

Managing Users & Permissions in the MarketPlace Made Simple

Empowering your teams to make the most of KTM is an important part of building towards successful outcomes. As such, providing them with access to Marketplace resources can be a good move. Why? Those with the biggest stake in daily processes and the most interaction with document workflows often know what they need best. Letting these users explore the Marketplace can open the door to identifying the right solutions.

Within the Marketplace, we've made it easy for you to configure multiple users with various permissions levels. As such, you can entrust the ability to add or modify new modules to the appropriate users only. With these tools, you can streamline the management of your automation efforts without creating bottlenecks for those hard at work to deploy KTM pro-jects to their best effect.

Find Troubleshooting Tips Easily

No project runs perfectly smoothly from start to finish. The resiliency to deal with issues, find solutions, and carry on is essential for integrating automation into today's workflows. With KTM, like any platform, you may encounter issues along the way. Our guide goes into extensive detail on many of these subjects. In it, you can learn how to troubleshoot issues such as:

  • Removing false positives.
  • Incorrect or inaccurate locators.
  • Training failures or misfires.
  • Conflicts in training data, and more.

Optimize Your Performance to Maximize ROI

Finally, let's consider some ways to ensure your project performs at maximum efficiency. This process has many layers, but a few high-level in-sights can guide you toward a successful outcome. Before you begin, con-sider the strategies you will need for the following.

  • How and when to define locators effectively.
  • Planning for how to reduce false and true negatives.
  • Choosing what documents need classification with care. Ask ‘does this need classifying?’ Not every document needs such processing.
  • Practice good document separation, including barcodes, separator sheets, and more.
  • What Marketplace solutions exist to help you achieve your goals?

Again, our full guide has all the strategies you need to get started and work toward success.

See How to Get Started Today

Integrating Transformation into your core document workflows and critical business processes offers extensive opportunities to change how you work. Now add in how easy it is to extend its functionality even further with Marketplace solutions. With these tools in hand, you can speed your teams towards a modern and future-facing approach to work.

Stop fretting about accuracy rates and instead embrace the real change that comes from higher-quality data, intelligent AI-enabled automation, and more. Explore more Kofax Transformation opportunities on the Kofax Marketplace today.

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