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Automate Scheduled Backups in Kofax RPA With Ease

Backups are one of the most important IT processes in any business. Without them, your company could operate with an unacceptable level of risk. Backups are vital as we rely more on computer-based processes and intelligent automation tools than ever. Imagine the number of potential threats: hardware failure, ransomware attacks, power loss—even natural disasters could cause you to lose critical data. Scheduled backups are one way to help mitigate those risks.

How can you apply that technique to critical elements of your automation deployments, such as the Kofax RPA Management Console? Periodic backups will help support your operational production environment using software robots while also allowing you to avoid accumulating digital clutter. However, there is no built-in scheduling function—running manual backups is a recipe for errors.

The Kofax Marketplace features resources for RPA and has a solution. Here’s what to know about improving your backup processes.

What Is the Management Console?

The RPA Management Console is a web-based interface allowing easy access to administering and overseeing software robots from any machine within your organization. The Console includes many functions, such as:

  • Deploying robots to an active repository

  • Sharing and collaborating on repository robots

  • Browsing data collected by robots or exporting it to other applications

  • Logging results and errors

The Management Console centralizes large data while providing important administrative functions. In an organization that might use dozens or even hundreds of different robots for various tasks, the Console is an important tool—and you’ll need the information it contains.

A Quick Overview of the RPA Management Console Backup Robot

Kofax Labs created this robot solution to enable the addition of scheduling functionality into the Management Console. Each night at a pre-determined time, this robot makes an entire backup copy of the Console’s contents and then places it into a database (or local hard drive) of your choosing. This solution also adds a Kapplet into the Kappzone, where you can trigger a backup whenever needed.

What if you need a specific backup from weeks or months ago? This extension adds another Kapplet that you can use for easy searching within backups—and the robot can also re-import the database entry you need to recover. With no need to dig through dozens of files yourself, this solution streamlines a critical and sometimes tedious process.

Human error is one of the most costly problems a business faces. Nightly backups are essential for maintaining a steady stream of database snapshots that accurately reflect your changing development and production situations. However, humans can forget to run a backup—and even one missed entry could prove frustrating in the ideal circumstances. This robot, which requires only a knowledge of how to connect Kofax RPA to a database, alleviates that risk.

Customize Kofax RPA to Suit Your Specific Needs With Ease

The versatility of automation makes it a vital tool for today’s enterprise operations. With solutions from the Marketplace, you can extend the reach of your technology and accelerate your timeline towards a positive ROI. Using the RPA Management Console Backup Robot, you can guarantee reliable data continuity in one of your most central and business-critical automation hubs.

Scheduled backups offer peace of mind, ease of use, and the consistent reliability of automation. Explore how to set up this solution when you visit its Marketplace page today or dive into other solutions to see how you can expand what’s possible with RPA.

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