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Adding a Table of Contents to a PDF Made Easy

Large PDF files aren't as uncommon as they once were when low bandwidth online and slow, clunky software meant opening such documents could take a very long time. Today, huge PDFs are frequently used for applications such as product catalogs, equipment manuals, corporate handbooks and much more. As a result, finding exactly what one needs inside such a document can be challenging.

With Kofax Power PDF, a simple way to resolve this problem is to generate a table of contents for the document. By adding a table of contents to the PDF, you can ensure that readers always have an easy guide for navigating deep into PDFs to find the information they seek. What do you need to add such a helpful reading aid to your documents today?

Using Power PDF To Create a Table of Contents

Tables of contents work by reading the "bookmarks" placed throughout a PDF file and using them to generate a clickable list of links that users can then rely on for navigation. Some PDFs, when converted from Word documents already containing bookmarks, will be ready for content table generation right away. In many other cases, however, you will need to set the bookmarks for each section you want to link to in the table. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to the header for a section you want to link.
  2. Locate the Bookmarks panel on the main Power PDF ribbon.
  3. Click the icon with a + sign for "New Bookmark."
  4. Name the bookmark. For tables of contents, use the same text as the header.
  5. Repeat the process throughout the document.

Whether you've just finished setting your bookmarks or you have a document already set up with them, you can move on to the next step now. With a PDF editor such as Power PDF, creating a table of contents from these bookmarks takes only seconds.

  1. From the same Bookmarks panel, click "Options," then select Create Table of Contents.
  2. Choose what level of bookmark to display.
  3. Choose display options such as page numbers, alignment, etc.
  4. Select the TOC style you want to create using the Format list. You can use a template version or customize the appearance.
  5. Click OK. Power PDF creates the TOC in your specified location on the document page.

With this simple tool, you can now easily navigate through even the largest PDF files.

Do More with Your Documents Every Day Using Power PDF

With a fully featured PDF editor for Mac or PC on hand, tackling simple and complex document manipulation tasks is a stress-free experience. Why spend hours hunting for solutions that yield lesser results when you could embrace the power of professional PDF software? Power PDF not only contains everything enterprise users need in one intuitive, easy-to-learn package but also comes at a saving compared to many alternative solutions. See firsthand how feature-filled and easy-to-learn Power PDF is today when you download your free trial now.

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