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8 Ways to Take Advantage of a Streamlined Electronic Filing System

Enterprise businesses face significant challenges when attempting to meet their clients’ demands. Wrangling dozens of employees per project and hundreds of employees between departments or branches takes time, dedication, and tremendous organizational resources. While this effort is necessary, there are some useful digital methods that your business can use to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase security.

Below, we’ve outlined eight ways that your business can use digital organization: six collaborative methods and two administrative benefits.

Six Ways to Improve Team-Based Collaboration

When you use software such as Kofax Power PDF, OmniPage, and PaperPort, you’re unlocking the potential for large-scale collaboration. You can use enterprise licensing to combine your current cloud storage solutions with the innovative software that Kofax has developed. Here are six essential ways for your employees to collaborate effectively from anywhere.

  1. Eliminate Redundant Copies
    One recurring theme with cloud-based networks is the copying of files erroneously during employee usage. This problem is nearly unavoidable with Abode, Foxit, and other software solutions standard in larger businesses. When multiple employees and teams access the same files, limitations on who can make changes at any point are bound to create numerous copies. Power PDF permits multiple users to concurrently access the same file and make changes without producing an additional copy.
  2. Allow Multiple Users to Access Files Concurrently
    Aside from eliminating redundant copies, simultaneous collaboration prevents workflow logjams. Your employees no longer have to wait for their coworkers to complete tasks before conducting their own work, meaning less time spent idle.
  3. Enterprise Messaging Techniques
    Power PDF increases employee efficiency by eliminating the need to bounce between a file editor and employee email. Your team can send messages to each other and communicate directly using Power PDF’s network-integrated functionality. You can even set automated alerts so that different departments are aware when another team finishes a prerequisite task.
  4. Advanced PDF Management
    In many circumstances, multiple teams must produce PDFs to contribute to a single project. With cross-departmental contributions, the product may be difficult to assemble even with robust communication techniques. Power PDF offers another function designed to make this task manageable: your team can independently produce their portion of a project (such as a report or manual) then easily combine separate PDFs and contributions, creating a table of contents in the process that features dynamic bookmarks.
  5. Document Conversion
    Power PDF also provides a way to convert PDFs, JPGs, Word documents, Excel documents, and PowerPoints between formats. This conversion function integrates with Microsoft Office so that your team can work in whichever format is most convenient before converting to a PDF with a few clicks.
  6. Accessibility and Permissions
    Another advantage that Power PDF offers enterprise businesses is integration with your existing network permissions structure. Power PDF incorporates all the standard security and password options common to Adobe PDF editors, but it also cooperates with Microsoft Active Directory to grant easy access to users who should have permission and block those without the proper network credentials.

Two Ways that Volume Licensing Is An Enterprise Solution

Considering the workflow improvements that Power PDF brings to the table, it is easy to think that managing all these functions is an administrative nightmare. Fortunately, the opposite is true—here’s why.

  1. Single Admin, Many Users
    Your Power PDF enterprise license gives you the power to establish a single admin for unified control over the entire company’s permissions and access. The above functions are native to the default program. While your admin can curate the functions that separate users or grounds may access, it’s no longer necessary to expend significant resources to keep your electronic filing system functioning.
  2. One Perpetual License
    Kofax has simplified the licensing process so that your business, no matter how large, needs only one volume license to allow as many users as necessary to access these programs. Even better, the license is perpetual, meaning that you’ll never need to spend money on annual renewal fees for as long as you’re satisfied with our software solution.

Discover How Kofax Power PDF and Other Essentials Simplify Your Workflow

With the many powerful features that Power PDF, OmniPage, and PaperPort offer, not every business will require every available function at all times. The best way to determine how impactful these programs will be for your office is to explore the features using a risk-free trial.

You can contact our team to discuss your needs, and we’ll create a quote for your enterprise solution. Once you see how Kofax can make your business work like tomorrow, you’ll want to open the door to unequaled workflow improvements.