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4 PDF Tips You Can Use Today

Today's knowledge worker is no stranger to the PDF file. This format is in extensive use, and it's not uncommon to encounter multiple PDFs in a single day. Perhaps some employees even have job duties that primarily revolve around working with the information in these documents. However, despite their ubiquity, not everyone has the right software to do more than basic work with PDFs. Some software can only open and read PDFs, and others lack key capabilities.

With rich software such as Kofax Power PDF, you can tap into the format's full potential as an effective tool for business. What are some of the things you can do with PDF software built with your needs in mind? Check out these quick PDF tips to get started.

1. You Can Transform PDF into Many Other Formats

The PDF has many uses, but it isn't a format that's best suited to large-scale text editing and composition. It isn't the best for creating new tables or charts, either. Instead, you should use programs built for those purposes, such as Microsoft Word and Excel. Using a PDF editor, you can swap between formats easily, closely preserving document presentation and formatting. Convert from PDF to Word or Excel, make your changes, then convert them back to PDF—it's easy.

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2. You Can Keep Prying Eyes Away from PDF File Contents

Not every PDF should be accessible to everyone in your business. The PDF format provides a variety of robust access controls that ensure your more sensitive documents remain under an appropriate level of protection. Password-based encryption means only those with the correct key can view a document's contents, while access restrictions stop users from printing or modifying files as needed. Use encryption to make the most of PDFs.

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3. You Can Make Static Form Pages Interactive

Interactive PDF forms replicate the experience of filling out a paper document in the digital environment. However, not every form and document contained in the PDF format was made interactive from the start. Don't worry—making these static forms into something more dynamic is easy. With Power PDF's Form Typer, the software automatically identifies common forms and documents and converts them into interactive fields you can complete digitally and print or email for submission.

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4 You Can Archive Documents in PDF for Long-Term Storage

Will the computers of tomorrow be able to interpret the PDFs of today? The answer may sometimes be "no" if you have a document that uses special fonts, embedded media, and other objects. There's no guarantee that a future machine will have the necessary fonts or codecs to support displaying those features—unless you keep a copy of your PDF in an archival format. These formats embed all the necessary information for any computer to replicate its contents accurately. With added support for the PDF/A-4 format, you can use Power PDF to keep your data stable and secure for years or even decades to come.

What Will You Accomplish with the PDF Format?

From the flexibility of the format itself to the useful things you can accomplish to speed up the workday, knowing how to use the PDF is essential. Just as essential is the right software to enable you and your teams to control document workflows and streamline the flow of information throughout your office. See what a difference it can make. Grab your free trial version of Power PDF today and take some of these tips for a test drive.

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