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10 Reasons to Use PDF Files With Kofax Power PDF

Businesses spanning various industries regularly generate and send files daily. Sometimes, the contents of these documents are confidential, which requires a certain level of document security. There aren’t any other file types that can offer this type of protection apart from PDFs. Kofax Power PDF is a reliable program that offers a business and its staff several handy features that assist in enhancing productivity.

Professionals worldwide have discovered that using the Portable Document Format (PDF) is safe and convenient for dealing with essential paperwork. The tools available on Power PDF ensure that you keep your client’s information private and secure. If you’re still thinking about adopting PDFs for your company, perhaps these ten reasons can convince you to switch to a world-class program.

1. Portability

The digital age has resulted in more businesses embracing remote work. Employees no longer need to sit in front of a desktop for hours on end when they can be equally productive using their smartphones or tablets in any location. Your team can access PDF files anywhere and on any device, especially with Power PDF Mobile.

2. Compact

A powerful PDF program is essential when converting PDF files to other document formats and vice versa. Word or Excel files are usually easy to edit, leaving them open to security breaches. However, by converting them to PDF, you can be certain that the recipient can’t change the content without the necessary permissions.

3. Merge

Apart from converting files to and from PDF, you can use Power PDF to merge PDF files. If your team works separately on a document, you can incorporate them into one after accepting each file. Furthermore, the merging tools enable you to combine multiple documents, including spreadsheets, Word documents, photographs and other informational graphs, into a single file.

4. Accessibility

When your business uploads a PDF file to the internet, intended recipients can access the file on almost any browser. As a result, viewing and reading the file is much easier.

5. Complete Editing Control

You can fully edit the content on a PDF document by using the various available tools with a reputable PDF editor. You can edit text, highlight, add notes and redact sensitive information, among other capabilities.

6. Interactivity

Because businesses use PDFs, there is a misconception that these documents must be boring. On the contrary, you can include all types of interactive material in a PDF file, including music, movie clips and hyperlinks to mention a few. As a result, you can fit all the relevant content into one, interactive, interesting file.

7. Visually Appealing

PDFs don’t have to be a wall of text that people must endure. If you’re preparing guidebooks for employees or similar documents, you can use eye-catching images and graphics to make the file more appealing, ensuring that your team doesn’t fall asleep reading the file.

8. Security

You can’t underestimate the need for document security. To protect your clients and your operation from legal consequences, you must guard their information. Several security features exist that can protect the content of a PDF file. Additionally, if you have put down your corporate ideas in a PDF, you can add a watermark to ensure that other businesses don’t hack your plans.

9. Password Protection

In addition to other security tools, you can add password protection to a PDF. Consequently, if the file ends up in the wrong place, you can be confident that you’re not compromising the content as it has the password in place.

10. Esignatures

Since we’re all trying to make greener decisions for the earth, esignatures are a handy tool to use with PDFs. Instead of physically printing documents, signing them and scanning them back to the recipient, the signatories can apply their digital signatures within a few minutes and return the document.

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