Increase Customer Intimacy


The First Mile™ represents the information-intensive, real-time interactions customers have with an organization. This includes new accounts, loan applications, insurance claims and healthcare admissions … to name a few. These interactions are often manual, resource-intensive, complex and error-prone. And because brand perception and customer loyalty is heavily shaped by a good or bad First Mile experience, the Kofax mission is to help make the First Mile of business smarter.

Whether your goal is to:

  • Digitize information for archives, visibility and compliance
  • Automate processes for increased speed and accuracy
  • Establish new levels of collaboration for better service
  • Completely transform the very way in which you engage with customers

Kofax can help.

Increase Customer Intimacy

Business Need: Increase Customer Intimacy

In this stage of the journey, Kofax helps organizations automate and simplify processes to provide superior service and increase customer intimacy. With Kofax, organizations are able to meet customers “where they are” and empower them with the ability to self-serve. This two-way collaboration improves engagement and satisfaction in the process while simultaneously reducing operating costs.

All information can be captured from any source—including mobile devices, internet portals, desktop scanners and MFPs—at the Point of Origination™, where customer-facing interactions actually occur. Kofax can also automatically respond to customer interactions through SMS, MMS, email, phone or fax, raising the responsiveness bar.

A good example is mobile bill pay. Many consumers today use online banking. But because mobile is the device and channel of choice, anytime/anywhere access is also expected.Kofax-powered mobile bill pay apps increase customer engagement. And good customer engagement drives profitability.The app also provides management reporting tools to improve decision making.

The next step in increasing the value of Kofax software is radically transforming and simplifying customer interactions by delivering total enterprise agility. Learn More


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