Healthcare Content Management and Imaging

Connecting content for patient-centered care


Today’s hospitals and health systems run on information. Clinicians need it to make accurate diagnoses and improve patient outcomes. Finance needs it to secure and optimize reimbursement. HIM professionals need it to ensure compliance. And, Operations needs it to enhance organizational performance and cut costs.

The good news is, as a healthcare provider, you’re likely information rich. The bad news is, much of this content is painfully disjointed. Medical images, videos, clinical photos, radiology reports, clinical documents and other critical pieces of patient information are often locked away in proprietary systems outside of core clinical platforms such as electronic health record (EHR) systems and picture archiving communication systems (PACS).

To ensure you have the information on hand to deliver true patient-centered care, you need a technology platform that can aggregate a variety of content stored in multiple systems throughout the enterprise and present it in a single, customizable view. Kofax can help.

We’ve developed a product platform called Healthcare Content Management (HCM) dedicated to helping providers gain visibility and control of their most important data assets. This modular approach combines Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Enterprise Imaging technologies into a single, integrated solution set that provides healthcare facilities with the tools to capture, manage, view and share medical images and documents from core applications to deliver a complete picture of the patient. From the First Mile of patient engagement through treatment and discharge, Kofax has your healthcare content management needs covered. 

Improve Patient Care And Outcomes

Improved enterprise-wide visibility of critical patient content enables better treatment decisions and minimizes costly readmissions.

Reduce Costs

Consolidating the management of unstructured patient content on a single, integrated platform streamlines system maintenance and clinical workflows – reducing costs and improving performance.

Strengthen Health Data Security

Gain enterprise control over your unstructured content assets, making it easier to apply universal security protocols and include in disaster recovery plans.

Ensure Compliance

Facilitate secure access and sharing of patient content, enabling you to easily address key industry regulations and initiatives including HIPAA, Meaningful Use and ACA.