Improve service to constituents while cutting costs and handling an ever-growing workload


Kofax enables government organizations to improve service and provide transparency by automating the First Mile™ of citizen interaction. Kofax solutions automate the capture, processing and archiving of documents to help agencies increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve citizen services. Agencies can rapidly implement automated, adaptable work processes that foster collaboration and provide continuous improvement in service quality.

Information is no longer paper-based, and customer requests are processed across departments and locations without loss of data integrity. People receive decisions more quickly, and processes are designed to evolve to meet future needs. Kofax solutions for government help agencies expand services, stimulate economic growth, provide better citizen services and comply with privacy and changing compliance requirements.

Streamline Case Management

Provide a comprehensive view of each constituent across multiple programs by making all case information available to the caseworker. In addition, provide the flexibility to choose or define alternative paths towards the resolution of a case in real time. With Kofax solutions, organizations can improve the speed and quality of case resolution by focusing on the information needs of both the caseworker and citizen.

Deliver Efficient Citizen Benefits

Manage citizen benefits throughout the lifecycle at the same level of service that constituents have grown to expect in the private sector. With Kofax solutions, government organizations can offer constituents easy self-service access via the web, fax, telephone, or even mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. This flexibility allows for the tailoring of interactions to individual citizens while minimizing the time and costs of every interaction.

Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges Today

Kofax enables government agencies to streamline and optimize information flow across programs and agencies to improve citizen service. With its best-in-class enterprise capture solutions, Kofax empowers government organizations to meet today’s challenges with touchless information flows that drive world-class citizen benefits, case management, and other government applications—while driving down costs and improving citizen services.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Capture and classify greater volumes of content at the point of entry, and route process-ready information to multiple processes faster and with greater efficiency.

Improve Service to Constituents

Capture citizen information from multiple channels including the web, fax, and mobile devices for faster processing and service delivery.

Optimize Case Management

The robust, scalable and flexible enterprise capture platform from Kofax optimizes case management by capturing and sharing relevant information across departments and agencies.

Shorten the Benefits Delivery Cycle

Kofax solutions speed the benefit determination and eligibility process while enhancing inter-agency communications to shorten the benefits delivery cycle.

Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Trace and audit the acquisition of data into your agency, from the point of entry, across each touch point, to final archive.