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Insurance Kofax


Be there for your customers.<br>Intelligent Automation helps you transform claims processing into a seamless experience for your customers and your team.


As the insurance market becomes increasingly competitive, insurers need to go the extra mile to create positive experiences for claimants and earn customer loyalty.

Kofax’s intelligent automation solutions alleviates the pressures of time-consuming, error-rone tasks, and gives you and your customers total visibility at every stage of the claims process.

80% reduction in report processing time
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Customer Visibility

Keep claimants updated at every stage of the process

Insurance - Customers Informed

When a claimant submits a claim, they’re often distressed and highly invested in the outcome. As well as a fast turnaround, they want to feel informed throughout the process.

By digitizing the claims process, you’re able to build intelligent workflows, have real-time visibility on progress, automatically update claimants, and notify employees when manual intervention is required to expedite the process.


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Process Visibility

Notify claim managers when it’s time to take action

Insurance - Eliminate Data Errors

Even within the best teams, things can fall between the cracks. A missed email, a lost report, an empty field… Without 360⁰ process visibility, these errors can go unnoticed until it’s too late and the claim is delayed.

Eliminate time-consuming back-and-forth between the claims manager and platform. Intelligent automation creates a seamless process that alleviates employee workload while handling more claims, faster.


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Accurate Documentation

Eliminate time-consuming data errors

Insurance - Faster Claims

It’s unrealistic to expect every form to be perfectly filled out. What is realistic is having a system that automatically identifies and ingests key data from documents, avoiding manual entries that lead to inaccurate data. So a simple mistake doesn’t cause a big problem down the line.

Learn how intelligent automation can mitigate human error and smooth out potential speedbumps in your claims process.

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Insurance Kofax


Find out how intelligent automation is being used to transform the insurance industry

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