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Don’t waste precious time and resources

PDF batch editing lets you do more with less effort

While working with multiple documents at the same time, several problems can arise. First, it’s time-consuming to alt-tab your way through various open windows. Second, over time, your team is more likely to make errors when making edits. Third, you may want to combine several documents into one without a clear process to do that. These are all significant issues when working with Adobe Acrobat.

But with Kofax Power PDF, there’s a clear way to address each of these problems. PDF batch editing puts your team in control of converting, editing, and combining your documents in the way that your business needs.

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How PDF Batch Editing Can Help Your Business

Let’s highlight the flexibility of Power PDF and how it drastically improves efficiency:

  • Law Firms: The staff spends an incredible amount of time poring over documents during discovery. Typically, they scan documents, convert them to PDFs, and then search through them. This process is entirely manual, meaning a single case may involve hours upon hours of painstaking examination to find relevant text necessary for the case. Power PDF combines these processes so that from scanning to searching, so it takes just a few moments. Once documents are scanned into PDFs directly using the Power PDF interface, searching the PDFs are easy–just like word documents. Power PDF provides search for specific words or for patterns of similar words to consistently find all relevant information with ease.
  • Accounting/Finance: When you complete fiscal reports, you’ll have several documents that you need to reference. Use the PDF batch editing functions to compile the reports into separate sections, while generating a comprehensive report that includes each part. You can add legal notices, watermarks, and other helpful editing functions to all the documents at the same time.
  • Medical/Healthcare: These offices have multiple forms associated with legal requirements. These documents are necessary to limit liability and show patient consent, but not always medically pertinent. With batch editing, you can separate these documents from your medical records. As a result, it’s easier to find relevant information such as patient history and allergies while securely retaining all of the legally-mandated documents.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to batch editing, merging, and separating. Create documents and keep them organized by retaining only the necessary information.

Power PDF Offers an Innovative Approach to PDF Management

Your team can now operate at peak efficiency with Power PDF. Take advantage of the streamlined design behind Power PDF’s elegant user interface and collaborative work options. From document conversion to splitting and security features, Power PDF has the features to revolutionize how your business handles its documents.

We know PDFs can be critical to your individual or business needs.

Find the PDF solution that’s right for you