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What Are the Strongest Data Capture Solutions for Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs drive the economy by starting businesses both in new fields and established niches. Whenever a new company starts, the entrepreneur must work only with the knowledge that he or she has acquired during years spent in related fields. Due to the nature of administrative work, it is often admin that gets overlooked first when someone starts a new business.

One example of administrative work that can either bog down a new enterprise or add much-needed stability is data capture. Among the main differences between successful businesses and those that flounder under the weight of administrative processes is the use of quality software to automate the data capture process.

Information Capture and How It Drives Your Business

Regardless of your industry, you’ll need to be able to collect information in your line of work. This includes acquiring marketing data to drive your advertising and client outreach and gathering the research and development data that you’ll put together when creating new processes to meet client requests.

Most professionals know that old-fashioned filing cabinet organization systems don’t cut it—modern businesses have transitioned to digital platforms. For many entrepreneurs, that’s where the recognition stops; they simply don’t know which data capture solutions are reliable options. The key to identifying software that’s suited to the task is to see how it incorporates automation.

Kofax recently released the results of its Intelligent Automation Benchmarking Study, which revealed several critical facts about how automation impacts business processes. The most essential takeaway from the study is that three out of four businesses can use automation to reduce employee time spent on administrative tasks.

For entrepreneurs, this kind of added efficiency can open the doors to far greater productivity. For example, if your business needs 20 hours of administrative work per week to remain organized, automation can likely free up at least 12 hours of that time, which can be better spent on client follow-up, marketing and development strategies.

Kofax Capture Solutions for Data: The Intelligent Automation Platform

This digital data capture solution is about far more than cutting down on paper waste and using computers more efficiently. As Kofax puts it:

Advanced Capture is a document scanning, automation, indexing and extraction software solution that captures, classifies and extracts content from all types of paper and electronic documents and forms, transforming and delivering accurate and actionable information into core business applications, processes and workflows.

Behind these technical details is an opportunity to unlock significant, tangible benefits for your business. Here are a few of the processes that Kofax Capture can revolutionize.

  • Scanning - This function is the first step in eliminating the massive mountain of paper documents that businesses can easily accumulate. The Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform streamlines how you scan and manage documents.
  • Automation - As you use the system, you can teach it the essential skills you need it to perform. For example, if scanned documents include certain terms, the technology can automatically dispatch to relevant employees or business partners. The system can receive documents from any source, including mobile uploads and in-house scans. You can ensure that any time a customer submits an inquiry or contacts your customer service line, the right people receive instant notifications and can help immediately.
  • Indexing - Not everything requires an instantaneous action. When you’re receiving data or logging transactions and received payments, you need to carefully store those documents in the correct places. The system can parse and organize incoming documents to ensure they are exactly where you need them when you gather fiscal data for taxes or sales reports for investors.
  • Extraction - The system can even help you generate those reports. As an intelligent system, it can rapidly analyze data to save your team the time it would take to sort through thousands of documents and transaction records. Extract the information that you need from a pile of data without arduous research.

When you run a small business, you must remain conscious of your budget and your staff’s time. The Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform is designed to simplify and replace your business’s data collection workflow and make each team member more productive. This system can help you to reorient your team to focus on revenue-generating activities, while improving your organization and customer response time.

Kofax offers companies a unique opportunity to experience Kofax Capture for a full year without any licensing costs. Try this data capture solution for yourself and help your business work like tomorrow, today.