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How Does Power PDF Compare to Adobe Acrobat?

Let's start with better security, more intuitive interface and no subscription fees

Kofax Power PDF. The Best Adobe Acrobat PDF Alternative

Your business faces many challenges - staffing, overhead expenses, marketing, and much more. It’s a difficult task to balance these needs, and you deserve the best tools to develop efficient solutions.

Kofax Power PDF is the top PDF alternative when compared to Adobe and other software companies. With Power PDF you can save money, while improving each of the essential functions on which your business relies.

Discover Power PDF advantages

The all-in-one alternative to Adobe Acrobat


A ribbon style interface that makes tool locations obvious

Fewer clicks to get work done

Fantastic customization options



Security without passwords using Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management System

Clear and accessible security tools with industry standard capabilities

Lock down network connections and features for compliance and best practices



Take commenting and editing to new levels of productivity

Edit the text in a PDF with word processing like capabilities

Unique capabilities like creating table of contents and stamp tool features


Conversions & Scanning

Experience unequaled levels of accuracy from the leader in document conversion technology

Leverage your Copier/MFP for the fastest, most effective way to turn paper into PDF files

Scan and highlight, redact or cross out text in one step



Perform intelligent Looks Like Search™ via an alphanumeric pattern rather than exact text

Proofread the hidden text in your scanned documents automatically for maximum search precision

Search and highlight, redact or cross out text in one step


Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
3-year subscription

Versus sign


Kofax Power PDF Advanced
one-time purchase
(with expert support)

Equals to sign


SPENT on Adobe Acrobat
over 3 years
(you own nothing)

Power PDF Advanced vs. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Feature Power PDF Advanced Acrobat Pro DC
Create PDF’s and export to Word, Excel or PowerPoint
Convert documents and images to PDF files
Combine multiple documents into one PDF file
Create a password-protected PDF
Easily create, sign and send forms
Microsoft Office style ribbon user interface to minimize learning curve and maximize productivity
Advanced Edit — word processing capabilities within your PDF file
Create a table of contents from bookmarks
Convert Assistant desktop utility or similar
Convert selection using OCR & convert to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect for scanned (image) PDF files and text-based PDF files
Looks like Search™ to search for Social Security numbers, telephone numbers or any alphanumeric pattern you define
View protected PDF files & apply protection to PDFs using Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS)
Organize and manage a library of PDF security envelopes
Drag and drop security profiles to quickly and easily secure documents
One-click professional scanning with auto find-and-mark technology


Click here for a detailed comparison between Power PDF Advanced and Adobe Acrobat

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Oct 13, 2020

Acrobat is expensive and Kofax has all the features that I need at a fraction of the cost. It is very feature-rich for the value. 

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Power PDF Advanced Beats Adobe Acrobat

With our 30-day money back guarantee, try Power PDF worry-free as your Adobe Acrobat PDF alternative.

Power PDF Is More Secure Than Acrobat

In 2020, security is paramount, whether you’re running a business or on your personal computer. There are greater threats than ever in the digital sphere, and as technology advances, so does the sophistication of these attacks. Power PDF stands out as the premier defense against these attacks using your PDFs as a vector or accessing them without your consent.

  • The PDF gained prominence due to its compatibility with almost any operating system, browser and mobile device. That compatibility comes with a cost, however, as hackers can insert malicious code into documents that can corrupt or compromise them. Due to its popularity, Adobe Acrobat remains hackers’ preferred target, turning the software against its users and compromising networks. Power PDF uses advanced security scanning to identify and neutralize malicious code, meaning you can safely open your PDFs without worrying about damaging your computers.
  • If the wrong people gain access to your internal documents, you can quickly find yourself in a losing position against the competition. While you can password-protect documents with Adobe products, Power PDF takes protection several steps further. By cooperating with the Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management System, you can accurately control who has access to the documents on your network. Thus, your competition and hackers will need more than just a password to access your secure documents.

Power PDF Costs Significantly Less Than Acrobat

Ultimately, your business succeeds or fails based on one uncompromising demand: a positive balance in your corporate bank accounts. And Power PDF is a much more economical choice.

  • You can secure a Power PDF license for a single payment that won’t expire - ever. The same license that you purchase for your business today will continue to work for the long term.
  • Over time, the savings from the Power PDF perpetual license add up. In the first year, the costs may look similar between Power PDF Advanced ($188) and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC ($180). Starting the next year, however, the savings compound. By the time your Adobe contract has extended to its third year, you’d have paid $540 for the Acrobat license. In the meantime, each additional year costs you $0 to use Power PDF Advanced.
  • When your business expands, these savings go even further. When you need to have several licenses, it makes an enormous impact on your business. Using just five licenses, for example, your business can save over $900 per year on licensing. The bigger your business becomes, the more those savings add up year on year.

Every business has some buffer to prevent a short term loss from forcing its doors to close. Take a moment to consider your business. Does it make sense to spend any of your buffer on paying over and over again for a product you already have? You’ll never have to make that decision with Power PDF thanks to its perpetual license.

Other Reasons Power PDF Beats Adobe Acrobat

While the security and financial benefits of using Power PDF are profound, there are many other reasons to make the switch from Acrobat:

  • Power PDF integrates into many cloud storage solutions. Many businesses rely on Microsoft SharePoint as the baseline for cloud access, but Power PDF is also compatible with Box, Evernote, and Google Drive, among its many options.
  • Power PDF functions as many programs in one. Its utility extends through its many features, including editing, combining, splitting, and converting PDFs. For advanced functions, Power PDF even includes assistants that can help your employees work more efficiently and learn how to do new things each time they use it.
  • As you invest in additional software to enhance your business’s workflows, you’ll find that Power PDF embraces automation—this saves your workers time and money.
  • We’ve designed Power PDF’s utility ribbon to function like the familiar Microsoft Office ribbon. This intuitive design streamlines the learning experience and dramatically softens the learning curve, enabling your employees to use Power PDF like professionals in no time.

Making the Switch to Power PDF

Each business is unique, so the benefits that Power PDF offers your business may go well beyond the security, savings, and convenience features addressed here. The best way to find out how Power PDF can improve your business is to try it for yourself. Explore our free 15 day trial today, then sign up for a perpetual license when you’ve experienced the difference that Power PDF makes. Our support team is standing by to answer any questions you have and to get your business set up to Work Like Tomorrow™ – today.

Over 2 Million Customers Trust Power PDF

It is a very complete tool that allows us to convert our PDF files to very useful and well-known document formats including Word, Excel and PowerPoint among the most used. It also gives us the ease of sharing this files through tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox among others. a super lightweight tool that does not consume many computer resources.
Angelica A.
Enterprise User