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How Does a PDF Reader Work?

A PDF reader is one of the most basic tools of business. What happens when you open a PDF file in reader software? Is a reader the only tool that your business needs to work with such files? Take a look at the facts and learn why they matter to your business.


The Difference Between a PDF Reader and a PDF Editor

First, an essential note: a PDF reader is a different kind of software than a PDF editor. It is a distinction that is easy to overlook, but it can have a significant impact on how successful you or your staff are when the time comes to work with PDF files. To put it another way, all PDF editors are readers, but not all PDF readers are editors.

In reader software, users typically can only open the PDF file and read its content. They may be able to fill in form fields and save the PDF for printing, but they cannot change or modify any of the information in the document. For that, you need a PDF editor, which has the tools necessary to manipulate the contents of the file.

How Reader Software Works

The functionality of reader software is very basic. As with any other program designed to work with a specific file format, readers have the code necessary to interpret the data contained within the PDF. This code instructs the computer how to "draw," or display, the various elements on each page of the PDF.

Because PDFs act as containers for images, it is not as simple as displaying blocks of text and JPG graphics. PDFs are containers that hold lots of data, and PDF readers are the key to interpreting and viewing that data.


The Advantages of Software That Does It All

For small businesses and enterprise operators, using reader software alone does not make much sense. Why artificially limit your capabilities with software that only serves a partial purpose? It is much more likely that your business will need a program that unlocks the full power of the PDF.

Software that allows for reading, editing, and converting PDF files is the better choice. With such a choice, you tap into advantages such as:

  • Reduced reliance on paper-based processes with related cost reductions
  • Opportunities to create highly polished brochures, reports, and more
  • Faster, more secure ways to electronically sign documents
  • Total control over the PDFs that enter your business

Leverage PDFs for Business with Better Software

For individuals and business users at every level, Kofax Power PDF delivers all these benefits and more in a highly cost-effective package. Designed to be user-friendly and familiar to users experienced with Microsoft Office products, Power PDF streamlines the processes of managing these files. For tasks ranging from opening and reading PDFs from clients to creating documents and forms, its rich features enable businesses to Work Like Tomorrow.

Learn more about Power PDF today or take a free 14-day trial to see how the software could fit into your company's daily workflows.


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