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Ensure that the Right People Have Access at the Right Times


In the modern office, where most of a day's work takes place in a digital environment, collaboration is key. It is crucial to enable employees who may be spread out across multiple sites or working on the go to access, edit, and manipulate the documents that are integral to their daily workflows.

Not everyone needs access to every document all the time, and meeting document security challenges without reducing efficiency can prove difficult without the proper tools. Kofax Power PDF addresses those challenges head-on and leaves teams fully equipped for efficiency.


Power PDF Streamlines Document Security

In highly specialized professions, including in the legal field, it's common for many users to need to share and collaborate on resources. However, not everyone may have the authorization or need to interact with these documents. In today's file architectures, such organizational challenges can lead to pitfalls, including:

  • Delays and workflow bottlenecks when users need to stop what they're doing to find a supervisor who can grant access to a critical file that they need to review.
  • Exposure of sensitive information to unauthorized employees due to lax security procedures or files stored in incorrect places on the local network.

With a few procedural changes and the right software, avoiding these issues and ensuring compliance with internal and external regulations is simple. Power PDF addresses these issues with rich yet intuitive document security functionality.

Encryption and Digital Access Control for the Modern Workplace

Controlling access to digital paperwork may seem to require hours of effort. How can a PDF editing solution deliver document security improvements? With Power PDF, you have options:

  • Quickly lock down PDFs with a variety of password-protected permissions options. Power PDF relies on the AES encryption standard, an industry-leading algorithm. Users may opt for either 128-bit or 256-bit encryption for maximum protection.
  • At times, employees may need to consult documents that they are not fully authorized to edit. Securing a read-only PDF and requiring a password to perform edits is easy in Power PDF. When you want to authorize a user to make edits, simply provide an employee with the permissions password.
  • Advanced integration with Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Service. Set up password-less security by designating documents as suitable for some groups of users and not others. With RMS security, you can streamline access to documents for those who need it while ensuring that the documents will remain locked down if they leave the company's networks.

Work Like Tomorrow with Better Document Security

Document security is essential, especially in today's highly connected office environments. Enhancing security and protecting sensitive data does not have to come with a big price tag.

Power PDF offers volume and per-user licensing options for a single fee with an optional support package. Compared to Adobe solutions with annual subscriptions, your office will save up to 70% on every license over three years. Start your free 15-day trial now to experience the difference when you can Work Like Tomorrow™.

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