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Why Document Security Matters | Kofax Power PDF

The Importance of Document Security in Business

How much focus does your business place on document security? These efforts must extend beyond basic access controls within the company to keep unauthorized or low-level employees from seeing private business data. They must account for the fact that modern businesses produce, handle, and store immense amounts of information that is highly valuable to identity thieves and hackers.

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Aside from adopting a strong security posture with anti-malware and anti-intrusion defenses, protecting sensitive information within your own systems and in the cloud is critical. With Kofax Power PDF, securing information is a simple process that leaves you with complete confidence in its results. Consider why your business must take these issues seriously and how to leverage an intuitive PDF editor to help.

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Modern Threat Profiles Grow More Complex

Why is document security so important? When you consider the evolving threat landscape facing businesses and the increased attention on black market data brokers, there are many reasons to put up stronger safeguards.

  • In 2020 alone, nearly 37 billion records containing personal information were stolen in data breaches. These documents could contain names, addresses, Social Security Numbers, and payment details.
  • Phishing attacks that target organizations through clever social engineering strategies are on the rise. When successful, they can result in malware entering your computer systems and seeking unsecured files.
  • Bad actors who steal information from within organizations remain a persistent threat.

Protecting against outside threats is just one reason to invest in better document security.

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Don't Overlook Regulatory Considerations

In some industries, such as the financial and healthcare sectors, protecting the information that your business produces may be a matter of law. Beyond basic requirements to protect customer information, healthcare organizations must comply with HIPAA-related storage requirements. Similarly, financial institutions must safeguard client information, especially considering the potential for financial damages due to an exposure or data breach.

Implementing Reliable Document Security Protocols

To an extent, keeping your documents safe relies on properly training your staff in securing sensitive information. Equipping them with the right tools to do so is a critical step. With Power PDF, businesses can tap into a set of potent security tools and put the contents of any document out-of-reach. These tools include:

  • Password-based encryption solutions, including AES-128 and 256, plus public key cryptography.
  • Restrictions to lock down specific document functions.
  • Customizable security schemes to quickly apply your company's standards to any document.
  • Integration for secure electronic signatures.


Affordably Adapting Your Software to Contemporary Threats

Managing risk is a challenging effort for business operators at every level, from SMB to multinational, and risks related to the theft of personal information are present in every industry. With Power PDF as one of the tools in your arsenal, you can put your business on stronger security footing while maintaining ease of use and even improving the speed of your PDF-related workflows.

Available as a perpetual license instead of a pricey auto-renewing subscription, Power PDF is up to 70% more affordable than a comparable Adobe license. Take a free 15-day trial, or ask about a quote tailored for your business and learn how to move towards better security today.


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