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SignDoc OEM


As your customers increasingly look to help their clients reduce costly paper-based processes, e-signing is essential for end-to-end digitization across their customer’s organization. By helping them move from wet-ink to electronic signatures, they can remove the final roadblock to elimination of paper and achieve full digital transformation—reducing operational costs and transforming the customer experience.

Unlike other products that provide incomplete capabilities, Kofax SignDoc® enables trustworthy, secure and convenient paperless signing. Kofax SignDoc is the ideal solution for a wide range of e-signing methods and scenarios, including whether in a store or branch, connected via video or audio or through remote self-service through a mobile device. By embedding Kofax SignDoc, you can achieve end-to-end digital transformation across your solutions, enhancing the end customer experience while reducing costs.

Kofax SignDoc is an enterprise level e-signature product family, which may either be utilized as part of an integration, or as a standalone application. Due to its integration options, it provides a starting point for any digital transformation initiative and provides a broad range of e-signing capabilities. Kofax SignDoc caters for all signing scenarios - in any location (in-branch, in-store, in-office, in-field, at home), assisted, or non-assisted as self-service. The technical specifications in this document are specific to the following components of SignDoc 2.2:

  • SignDoc Standard 2.2.0
  • SignDoc Web 2.2.0
  • SignDoc SDK 4.3.1
  • SignAlyze 1.8.0
  • SignDoc Device Support 2.0.1

Digitize Processes End-to-End by Replacing Wet-Ink Signatures

Go digital end-to-end, and completely paperless, by replacing wet-ink signing with electronic signatures that simplify and expedite your business processes. Integrate electronic signature software into your existing solutions, as well as allow end users to gain insight from in-depth reporting and monitoring of transactions.

Transform the Customer Experience with Anywhere, Anytime Signing

Delight your customers by enabling them to use the communications channel of their choice and e-sign on any device—anytime, anywhere. Better engage your customers with a wide range of signing options that make it easier for them to do business with you.

Reduce Operational Costs by Eliminating Paper

Decrease manual process steps and paper-related costs, including storage and routing, by switching from wet-ink to digital signatures. Create, send, track and sign documents and forms digitally for quick deployment, by embedding signed documents and forms deeply into your own solutions.


Own Your Own Certificates

Most other solutions in the market require your customers to accept digital certificates.  They are signing some of the most important documents of their lives, yet bringing a third party into the process always causes questions and introduces risk.  By using self-branded certificates, everything stays in your process, including your customer’s customers.

Implement Full Signing Ceremony Capability

Being in control of the process allows your customers clients to feel confident the details are covered.  By implementing SignDoc within your solution, you’re are able to orchestrate a full and complete signature process, including both internal and external workflow components.

Run On Premise To Present The Most Secure Solution

Your focus with on-premise software allows your customers and their customers to feel confident that their data is safe, most stringently reliable and most cost effective.  Our electronic signature solution run right along side your application to continue that confidence but maintaining full security, availability and cost effectiveness that only on-premise deployments can deliver.

Validate Signatures Against Confirmed Data

When it comes to validating signatures, there are very few options in the market. By comparing an input signature to a filed signature, SignDoc promotes the highest level of security for your customers and their end users. This differentiator for your solution is simple to deploy, yet powerful to deliver while you compete for solution business.


Mobile Operating Systems

Apple iOS • 12, 11, 10, 9
Google Android OS • 9.x, 8.x, 7.x, 6.x, (tested version 8.1.0. 7.1.1)
Microsoft Windows OS • Windows 10

The SignDoc API

SignDoc support a REST programming interface for web applications.

Programming SDK

The SignDoc SDK is available for C, JAVA, .net and C++ programming environments. SignDoc SDK enables the creation of applications which process SignDoc documents, that is, rendering as images, signing, and verifying PDF and TIFF documents. It provides functionality to capture handwritten signatures on mobile devices, or from specific USB signature pads, and to verify them. The technical specifications in this section are specific to SignDoc SDK, version 4.3.1.

Language Support

Languages supported GUI available in:
• Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish

OS Support

OEM Code Samples:

sign doc code sample sign doc code sample

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